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look suspiciously like (something)

1. To bear a strong or striking resemblance to something. A cow on our farm has a mark on its side that looks suspiciously like the prime minister. His tattoo looks suspiciously like the crest of my old boarding school.
2. To be or look so similar to something that it is, could be, or borders on plagiarism. The movie's promotional material all looks suspiciously like the blockbuster from earlier in the year. It seems like they're trying to cash in on that movie's success. Your test answers looked suspiciously like Marten's, so I'm having you both take a new test in rooms by yourselves.
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sound suspiciously like (something)

To sound very similar to something, perhaps to the point of plagiarism. The main chorus in this song sounds suspiciously like that hit single from 1978.
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look/sound suspiciously like something

(often humorous) be very similar to something: Their latest single sounds suspiciously like the last one.
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A Gloucestershire police spokesman said: "Three males were arrested in the Prestbury Road area of Cheltenham following a report from a member of the public that they were acting suspiciously in the vicinity of GCHQ.
Suspiciously, the lengthy footnotes contain whole episodes, rather as if the author were unable to integrate them properly into his text; and an enormous bibliography includes references (such as to A.
This series of investigative articles examines the seamy world of purchasing groups that buy medical products for hospitals, and the suspiciously close ties between these groups and certain pharmaceutical companies.
Sounds suspiciously like Thrasher's music column, but no, this is pure metal.
One morning he was observed to be acting suspiciously in his conversation with another inmate and he was searched.
But the movie finally trivializes their struggle in a cuddly wash of sitcom music and laugh track-less chatter, smelling suspiciously of Hollywood damage.
A police statement said: "Armed officers have been deployed, along with the police helicopter, to assist with inquiries being carried out by unarmed, divisional officers to locate a man seen acting suspiciously in the area.
A COVENTRY junior school was due to be closed today after a man was seen acting suspiciously outside the school gates yesterday morning.
We want to speak to anyone who was in the area of the allotments on Monday morning who may have seen anyone acting suspiciously.
If you think there is something suspicious or anyone is behaving suspiciously call the police on 101.
Police turned up at the novelist's home to question him after a neighbour reported a man acting suspiciously on his street.
30pm last night, after reports of a man acting suspiciously inside the building.
A MUM was stabbed to death as her children slept - an hour after police had "spoken to" and let go a man acting suspiciously in her street.
A West Midlands Police spokesman said: "We are supporting British Transport Police after reports of a man acting suspiciously on a train.