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look suspiciously like (something)

1. To bear a strong or striking resemblance to something. A cow on our farm has a mark on its side that looks suspiciously like the prime minister. His tattoo looks suspiciously like the crest of my old boarding school.
2. To be or look so similar to something that it is, could be, or borders on plagiarism. The movie's promotional material all looks suspiciously like the blockbuster from earlier in the year. It seems like they're trying to cash in on that movie's success. Your test answers looked suspiciously like Marten's, so I'm having you both take a new test in rooms by yourselves.
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sound suspiciously like (something)

To sound very similar to something, perhaps to the point of plagiarism. The main chorus in this song sounds suspiciously like that hit single from 1978.
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look/sound suspiciously like something

(often humorous) be very similar to something: Their latest single sounds suspiciously like the last one.
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DTB received a total of Sh164 million out of which Sh27.9 million was suspiciously transacted while Co-operative Bank of Kenya received Sh250 million, with the DCI probe revealing that Sh25 million of the total amount was transacted illegally by the bank's officials.
Later a man on the dock acting suspiciously took a man and woman hostage and sought refuge in a port warehouse.
Sgt Raf It read: "There have been reports of an adult male acting suspiciously in the locality.
| Blerim Tahiraj, 24, was seen acting suspiciously by an eagle-eyed cop
CHOICE neW Odyssey BBC2, 9.15pm There's tense music, dingy slums and gung-ho soldiers suspiciously eyeing local Muslims.
Dubai: Two jobless men landed in court after police caught them riding their bicycles around the streets of Jumeirah and suspiciously looking inside cars.
Summary: Army Intelligence detained two people for suspiciously roaming in their car near the south Lebanon residence of the head of General Security, Brig.
Islamabad, Sep 8 ( ANI ): Every foreigner working in Pakistan would be viewed suspiciously and would find it even harder to work in the country after a US doctor faked as a NGO worker and helped the US' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to track down former Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, an editorial in a Pakistan daily has said.
ISLAMABAD -- A dead body of a young boy who suspiciously went missing 10 days ago was recovered under Kak bridge here on Monday.
* Regarding the front-page article "Philadelphia's fall" (NCR, April 1): Does anyone else find it curious or suspiciously strange the diocesan secretary of priests is charged with allegedly permitting "dangerous" priests to be reassigned to where they had access to children, but no similar charges are made against the bishop?
Summary: A police force is urging members of the public to report people wearing a suspiciously large amount of 'bling' during the recession.
Ron Odunayia, the council's director of community services, said the letter should have made clear that only adults acting suspiciously around children are questioned.
A CITY trader told a court yesterday that she saw Barry George acting suspiciously outside Jill Dando's house hours before she was shot dead.
She has arrived in Arelon to wed Raoden, only to find her prince suspiciously missing.