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keep (one) in suspense

To cause one to remain in a state of anxious apprehension. Well, don't keep me in suspense—tell me what happened next! The TV show kept audiences in suspense with a big cliffhanger at the end of the season finale.
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keep someone in (a state of) suspense

to make someone wait anxiously for something. Tell us what happened. Don't keep us in a state of suspense. Don't keep me in suspense!
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the suspense is killing me

I can’t wait to learn the outcome. This hyperbole of impatience is a twentieth-century expression of an age-old idea. “Suspense in news is torture, speak them out,” wrote John Milton (Samson Agonistes, 1671). Jonathan Swift claimed, “It is a miserable thing to live in suspense; it is the life of a spider” (Thoughts on Various Subjects, 1714), and F. E. Smedley wrote, “Suspense, that toothache of the mind” (Frank Fairlegh, 1850).
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Diplomacy is only so suspenseful, and using "actual White House transcripts" to shape the dialogue, as this movie does, isn't such a brilliant idea when the film's ostensible suspense rests with the use of atomic force that is four or five major stages down the road.
The Iron Curtain (1948) was a suspenseful and dramatic film detailing the desperate attempts of Igor Gouzenko, a Soviet clerk in Ottawa, to make contact with the Canadian government and media about the extent of Soviet espionage in the West.
Telling Orlando of his love for Meridiana, King Manfredonio speaks (2.68) as touchingly in the English as in the Italian, and the threatening tension that escalates throughout the insulting meal Brunoro sets before Rinaldo (3.37-43) proves as suspenseful in Tusiani's translation as in Pulci's original.
Though funny and suspenseful, the novel is an elegy for lost love and innocence that can't be repaired.
We are immediately caught up in his suspenseful tale, at times forgetting it is an invention.
Despite its sluggish pace, implausible dialogue, and excessively ornate style, it is a suspenseful story of despair, with powerful images of fire, ice, and hunting.
to the point, suspenseful, the periodic sentence doing its job right.
Set in a wide variety of European and American backgrounds, these novels combine suspenseful action with an unusually accurate depiction of the local people and their surroundings.
Waugh's stories, including Madman at My Door (1978), The Veronica Dean Case (1984), and The Priscilla Copperwaite Case (1985), are characterized by a clear knowledge of law enforcement procedures and by tightly woven, suspenseful plots.
Told through the accounts of three women, Salazar Jimenez uses revolutionary prose and disjointed syntax to create a sense of unease that parallels the fast-paced, suspenseful plot.
The world-building that creates the dark and suspenseful atmosphere for this story is in full swing, and readers will enjoy the larger glimpses into the underworld.
In her suspenseful fantasy adventure, Star of Deliverance, Mandy Madson Voisin successfully packages a morality tale in an entertaining teen romance.
It is certainly suspenseful. Not edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, perhaps, at least until Day 4.
Again, it's a British author who is adept at writing a suspenseful story for teenagers.