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suspend someone from something

to prevent someone from participating in something. (Usually as a form of discipline.) The principal suspended the student from classes for a week. Ted was suspended from school for three days.
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suspend someone or something from something

to hang someone or something from something. The hangman suspended the thief from a gibbet as a warning to others. Jill suspended each decoration from a different branch.
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suspend something by something

to hang something by something. The workers carefully positioned the stone that was suspended by a steel cable. Will suspended the decoration by a fine thread.
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suspend disbelief

To accept as plausible something one knows to be untrue, especially the setting and plot of a drama or fiction so as to allow the appreciation of art.
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The decision we came to was easy, but it was hard to do,'' Scioscia said of suspending Guillen for the final eight games of the regular season and the playoffs.
We are suspending ratings and estimates of the above companies during this process.
Suspending the loss: If a group member recognizes a loss on the disposition of a subsidiary's stock after application of the BRR, and the subsidiary member remains in the group after the disposition, the stock loss is suspended under the LSR to the extent of the duplicated loss on the subsidiary's stock.
Her union, the National Union of Teachers, has launched a campaign to stop authorities automatically suspending teachers when such charges are made.
The officer subsequently filed suit against his employer claiming that the failure to provide him with notice and an opportunity to be heard before suspending him without pay violated his 14th Amendment due process rights.
We were able to determine that suspending the 5 percent sales tax led to a decrease in retail prices of just 3 percent compared to neighboring states," Doyle says.
Is anything more inconsistent than all of a sudden suspending a ref for a missed call?
In addition to suspending the claims paying ability ratings listed above, DCR has withdrawn its claims paying ability ratings on The Harvest Life Insurance Co.
While suspending sales, the company is not taking shelf product back from retailers, since testing has shown no issues so far with the manufacturing of the product.
The brawl lasted about 10 minutes before umpires John Brammer and Brandon Leopoldus, with assistance from law-enforcement officials, were able to separate the players and send them to their respective clubhouses before suspending the game.
In suspending the rating, Moody's said, "HUD's action to cut off the flow of interest at the debenture rate has significantly reduced the ability to determine whether the expected revenue stream will be sufficient to pay scheduled principal and interest on the bonds.
Following such submissions by Resolution 201 dated December 15, 2005 (notified December 20) the Arbitration Tribunal resolved rejecting the order of suspension ordered by the 64th Civil Court but temporarily suspending the arbitration closing arguments hearingto protectthe procedural legal terms to issue the arbitration award and to avoid any damage by the injunction issued by the Third Civil Court of Cajamarca.
L'Dera and other parents in the group contend the school is too harsh with its discipline, suspending students with little justification, and in violation of state law.