suspend (someone or something) by (something)

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suspend (someone or something) by (something)

To use something as a means of hanging someone or something from an elevated point or fixture. Often used in passive constructions. They suspended me by a safety harness on the end of a cable to grab the young woman from the tree. The airplanes in the diorama were suspended by pieces of fishing line.
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suspend something by something

to hang something by something. The workers carefully positioned the stone that was suspended by a steel cable. Will suspended the decoration by a fine thread.
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suspend someone or something from something

to hang someone or something from something. The hangman suspended the thief from a gibbet as a warning to others. Jill suspended each decoration from a different branch.
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suspend someone from something

to prevent someone from participating in something. (Usually as a form of discipline.) The principal suspended the student from classes for a week. Ted was suspended from school for three days.
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'Kung pwede (If it's possible), we are ready to go back to war if given orders by the President but since he has suspended us from taking part in the war on drugs, wala kaming magawa ngayon kung 'di maghintay sa kanyang (there's nothing we can do right now but to wait for his) reinstatement orders,' Dela Rosa said in a press conference at Camp Crame on Monday.
``If the party thought we were guilty from the start they would have suspended us from the start,'' he said.