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I guess

I suppose; sure. Often used as an affirmative answer when one is not completely certain or does not want to fully commit. Bob: "You look a little down today. Everything alright?" Mary: "I guess. I've just been feeling vaguely melancholy lately." A: "It's supposed to be sunny today, right?" B: "I guess. I haven't checked the weather."
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I guess not

An expression of vague denial or negation. A: "Is Tom coming?" B: "I guess not—it's getting pretty late."
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I suspect not

An expression of vague denial or negation. A: "Is Tom coming?" B: "I suspect not—it's getting pretty late."
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I suspect so

An expression of vague affirmation or assent. A: "Is Tom coming today?" B: "Yeah, I suspect so—I haven't heard otherwise."
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suspect (someone or something) of (something)

To consider or believe that someone or something is guilty of some crime or wrongdoing but lacking evidence to prove it. I began to suspect him of having an affair when he started leaving the house at odd hours and was evasive when I asked him where he was going. The feds suspect the company of fraud, but they have to build a portfolio of evidence before they can strike.
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the usual suspects

The people one would expect to be involved in something. I expect misbehavior from the usual suspects, but even my quiet kids were acting up in class today. Let's have a game night! Call the usual suspects and I'll order pizza.
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I guess

 and I expect; I suppose; I suspect 
1. a phrase that introduces a supposition. (Frequently, in speech, suppose is reduced to 'spose, and expect and suspect are reduced to 'spect. The apostrophe is not always shown.) Bob: I guess it's going to rain. Bill: Oh, I don't know. Maybe so, maybe not. Alice: I expect you'll be wanting to leave pretty soon. John: Why? It's early yet.
2. a vague way of answering 'yes'. John: You want some more coffee? Jane: I 'spose. Alice: Ready to go? John: I spect.
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I guess not.

 and (I) don't think so.; I expect not.; I suppose not.; I suspect not.; I think not.
a vague statement of negation. (More polite or gentle than simply saying no. Frequently, in speech, suppose is reduced to 'spose, and expect and suspect are reduced to 'spect. The apostrophe is not always shown.) Bill: It's almost too late to go to the movie. Shall we try anyway? Mary: I guess not. Tom: Will it rain? Mary: I 'spect not.
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I guess (so).

 and I believe so.; I expect (so).; I suppose (so).; I suspect (so).; I think so.
a vague expression of assent. (Frequently, in speech, suppose is reduced to 'spose, and expect and suspect are reduced to 'spect. The apostrophe is not always shown.) Tom: Will it rain today? Bob: I suppose so. Sue: Happy? Bill: I 'spect. Sue: You don't sound happy. Bill: I guess not.
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suspect someone of something

to think or believe that someone has done something. I suspect the clerk of stealing. Ted was suspected of leaving the door unlocked when he left last Friday.
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