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susceptible of (something)

Admitting, yielding readily to, or capable of something. If the cancer spreads to his bones, I'm afraid it will no longer be susceptible of treatment. Because of its allegorical nature, the novel is susceptible of a wide variety of interpretations. I refuse to entertain such conspiracy theories that are in no way susceptible of basic scientific evidence!
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susceptible to (something)

1. Easily influenced or impressed by something. The poor fellow has always been susceptible to the honeyed words of young women. You'll find that the board of directors is not susceptible to persuasion once they have made a decision.
2. Liable to contract or be afflicted by something. I was always susceptible to asthma and pneumonia as a child, so I spent most of my time indoors. Children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible to the flu, so we always recommend that they receive a vaccination each year heading into winter.
3. Very sensitive to or easily irritated by something. The strong medication ended up damaging the lining in my stomach, making me very susceptible to alcohol and spicy food. My mother is susceptible to certain kinds of laundry detergent, which makes it very unpleasant for her to stay in hotels or other people's homes.
4. Admitting, yielding readily to, or capable of some specific treatment. The cancer is no longer susceptible to radiation, so I'm afraid our options are limited. Because of its allegorical nature, the novel is susceptible to a wide variety of interpretations.
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susceptible to something

1. easily persuaded; easily influenced. The students were susceptible to the allure of drugs. The young revolutionaries were susceptible to propaganda.
2. likely to contract a sickness; likely to become sick. People with AIDS are susceptible to pneumonia. Infants and the elderly are more susceptible to illness than other people.
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What's more, the 2018 models of the Ford Eco-Sport and Nissan Leaf are among those that include keyless technology as standard, and yet are still susceptible to these attacks.
The LC50 of esfenvalerate against 4th instar larvae of susceptible and tolerant populations were 34.29 and 39.30ppm, respectively, while LC50 for 6th instar larvae were 28.05 and 32.67ppm, respectively (Table I).
The treatments were arranged in a 4 x 6 factorial scheme, where factor A comprised the accessions of barnyardgrass (ECH14, ECH44 - susceptible, ECH1, ECH38 - resistant), and factor B was composed of evaluation periods (15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 days after emergence (DAE)).
When susceptible nodes contact with their infected neighbor nodes, they may become alert nodes with a certain probability.
They were able to determine the polymorphic markers that varied between snails susceptible and resistant to S.mansoni infection (Abdel-Hamid, Rawi, & Arafa, 2006; El-Nassery, Abou-El-Naga, Allam, Shaat, & Mady, 2013).
Of the gram-positive bacteria, 21(95.45%) were susceptible to vancomycin; only enterococcus faecium showed resistance.
Against Enterobacter spp., the potency of doripenem was comparable with imipenem with 75.6% of the isolates being susceptible, while meropenem exhibited lower activity (68.3%).
In the SIS model, the crowd can be divided into two states, namely, susceptible subjects (S) and infected subjects (I).
In nature insect with resistance does exist but since resistant insects cross with other susceptible populations the resultant insects become susceptible (very simple dominant and recessive characters rules).
This study was aimed to investigate the role of mineral metabolism, total soluble phenols, total chlorophyll and total soluble sugar in the defense of the blackgram genotypes: a susceptible (Mash-88) and a resistant (CM-2002).
In the classic SIS model, an individual only switches between the two states: the susceptible (S) and infected (I).
Vaccination (i.e., the measure that an uninfected computer has the newest-version antivirus software installed) plays an important role in repressing computer virus, by which a susceptible computer would have temporary immunity.
Resistance was estimated in the laboratory by observing adult or nymph mortality at the [LC.sub.50] and [LC.sub.95] of a susceptible strain for the respective insecticides.
The resistance level was expressed as resistance ratio (RR) of lethal time at 50% death determined using field collected and susceptible strains.