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survive the test of time

1. To work, function, or endure for a very long time. (A less common variant of "stand/withstand the test of time.") As computer technology improves, it's ironically getting harder and harder to find a piece of equipment that can survive the test of time.
2. To be particularly popular or well regarded for a long period of time. Of all the other cast members, hers was the only career that survived the test of time.
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no plan survives contact with the enemy

Military plans always need to be changed once they are enacted in real-life military situations. The saying emphasizes the need for flexibility, as opposed to strict adherence to strategy. It is attributed to Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, a 19th-century Prussian field marshal. Men, be ready to make changes on the battlefield—we all know that no plan survives contact with the enemy.
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Requiring a survivor to participate in a program deprives him or her of autonomy and the right to self-determination.
Although participation in the survey was high, not every survivor eligible for inclusion agreed to take part.
Should anything happen to President Tom Kirkman, the opposing party's designated survivor would become the President.
Plans for reintegration into the community begin before the survivor leaves the ETU, with a goal of helping the family and home community accept the survivor's return.
The Slot Survivor World Series took place from 20 August to the 23 September 2012.
While the CCSS has produced a wealth of data on childhood cancer survivors, these studies have shown some of the inherent weaknesses facing clinical research for childhood cancer survivorship.
Although the vast majority of survivors reported no suicidal ideation, the significant minority of survivors with thoughts of suicide is a serious concern," said Recklitis.
Cancer survivors who follow health behaviour recommendations--avoiding tobacco, eating more fruits and vegetables, and getting adequate exercise--have higher health-related quality of life scores, a study from the American Cancer Society has found.
Survivors will be honored, and their families, friends, and healthcare providers will be recognized.
Cancer survivors, caregivers, family members, health care professionals and an Amgen scientist will make up the 12-member Breakaway Mile team, riding the last mile together.
After a tsunami hit Asia in December 2004, 2 survivors had severe infections due to multidrug-resistant and atypical bacteria and rare fungi weeks afterwards.
GAO was asked to address two questions: (1) To what extent are the survivor benefits provided to servicemembers different from those provided to federal, state, and city government employees in general and (2) To what extent do federal, state, and city governments supplement their general survivor benefits for employees in high-risk occupations?
Orders for the manual have been coming in from several countries with large survivor populations, including the U.
Every single member of TASSC is a survivor of torture.
The malaise they suffer is called the post abortion survivor syndrome (PASS).