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no plan survives contact with the enemy

Military plans always need to be changed once they are enacted in real-life military situations. The saying emphasizes the need for flexibility, as opposed to strict adherence to strategy. It is attributed to Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, a 19th-century Prussian field marshal. Men, be ready to make changes on the battlefield—we all know that no plan survives contact with the enemy.
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survive the test of time

1. To work, function, or endure for a very long time. (A less common variant of "stand/withstand the test of time.") As computer technology improves, it's ironically getting harder and harder to find a piece of equipment that can survive the test of time.
2. To be particularly popular or well regarded for a long period of time. Of all the other cast members, hers was the only career that survived the test of time.
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The promise of a cure for survivorhood is what lies inside the Good Survivor, and it's tempting: most people experiencing pain want it to stop.
The Cebu Pink Paddlers ruled the 500-meter and 200-meter races under the Breast Cancer Survivor Category, edging out the teams from Hong Kong and the United States, earning team members a gold medal.
Sexual assault survivors in Arizona deserve to have support and options when it comes to services and healing.
HCI's researchers were specifically looking at what happened to survivors on unhealthy air days.
The Saint Louis University study concluded that head and neck cancer survivors are two times more likely to commit suicide than survivors of other cancers and four times more likely than the general population.The findings were published in the journal Cancer.
The Survivors Against Terror group, which is being founded by survivors and bereaved relatives of victims of Islamist bombings, IRA attacks and far-right extremist murders, has urged others to join as it begins life today.
Like a traditional spousal benefit that is received when both spouses are alive, the amount of the survivor benefit is based on the deceased spouse's traditional retirement benefit, meaning that the benefit increases in proportion to how much the spouse earned during working years.
Government agencies, victim service providers, law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses should listen carefully to survivor recommendations and incorporate survivor input in both the design and implementation of anti-trafficking policies, programs, trainings, and advocacy efforts.
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We defined two categories of decreased care: (1) a survivor who reported survivor-focused care or general medical care at baseline but no care at follow-up; or (2) a survivor who reported survivor-focused care at baseline but general care at follow-up.
Fox's product, called "The Cancer Survivor's Fear First Aid Kit," helps fill that void through a three-part offering that includes: a 28-page book offering her simple, five-step method for quickly reducing fear of cancer recurrence, a companion workbook to help survivors learn the method quickly and track their progress, and a CD with two guided meditation audio tracks to help survivors integrate the book's lessons and succeed in overcoming their fears.
To assess the unmet needs of cancer survivors, researchers looked at the responses from 1,514 cancer survivors who responded to an American Cancer Society survey that asked: "Please tell us about any needs you have now as a cancer survivor that are not being met to your satisfaction."
To prepare communities for the return of Ebola survivors and minimize potential stigmatization, Firestone established a survivor reintegration program.