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50, there is what we considered to be a poor-quality pocket kit, the Ultimate Survival Kit, sold by Aircraft Spruce (www.
I, a passionate fan of Survival shows, am really looking forward to their upcoming Survival summer project,” says an eager viewer.
10]-transformed), food level, and dry down on angularly transformed percent survival at metamorphosis (during atrazine exposure), after metamorphosis (carryover effect plus density-mediated compensation), and on 13 July 2004 (net atrazine effect; Figure 1).
A history of Brazil's indigenous peoples since the arrival of Europeans, Disinherited contains first-hand testimonies given directly to Survival.
Dividing the $90 million of reserves ($40 million case plus $50 million IBNR) by the average of the last three years of payments ($10 million) yields a survival ratio of 9 ($90 million/$10 million).
Officers interested in receiving the Street Survival Newsline should e-mail their full names, ranks, department names, addresses, and phone numbers to: Newsline@calibrepress.
16) The 'asabiyya dilemma is a primary security imperative constraining and shaping the regime's survival policies.
Furthermore, the investigational status is not based on a lack of data - the five-year survival rate of various categories of liver transplants is known - but is primarily a function of scarce organs.
If survival is predicated on a break in the structures of continuity - if the sense of identity, tradition, and myth has been subjected to cessation or seizure - then the notion of community or group identity (Croce's betes noires) becomes a crucial location for the dialogic practices of art, criticism, and culture.
The two outcome measures of interest in this paper can be described in the terminology of survival analysis.
5 to 3 pounds, delivery methods did not significantly affect overall survival.
com)-- Laura Smith has the elements of survival perfected down to a T.
We show that results from time-series studies are equivalent to estimates obtained from a dynamic population when each individual's survival experience can be summarized as the daily number of deaths.
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