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surround (someone, something, or oneself) with (someone or something)

1. To group or gather people or things on all sides around someone or something; to encircle or enclose someone or something with people or things. The building was surrounded with police officers, completely trapping the burglars inside. People from around the country have been surrounding the gravesite with flowers and messages of thanks to the fallen hero.
2. To make a concerted effort to keep certain types of people to attend to or associate with someone or oneself. She hates criticism, so she just surrounds herself with sycophants who admire everything she does. You should try to surround your children with positive influences, but you must also accept that you cannot control every person with whom they spend time their time. My mother always taught me to surround myself with decent, honest people.
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surround someone or something with someone or something

to encircle or enclose someone or something with people, something, or things. We surrounded him with his friends as he lay in the hospital bed. We surrounded the tree with wire netting to protect it against rabbits. They surrounded the display of jewels with guards.
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The first involved listening to the surround sound with all the channels activated, to simulate the normal cinema experience (but in a 5.1 system with six speakers and thereby not using the array of speakers used in cinemas).
In this part, only a material volume is chosen to surround the lifting line, and there is no pipe shielding or line connecting the pipe and the grounding electrode.
I would never recommend using Fyfe stone as a fire surround. It is now more likely to be found housing old VCRs that don't have any use today and I don't care what anyone says, should be avoided at all costs.
Actually, I got the best soundstaging and surround effect by playing the two-channel PCM tracks on my main system, where I could apply some Dolby Pro Logic II manipulations to give me a decent derived (from the L+R part of the mix) center channel and well-mannered surround ambiance.
PROUDLY PERIOD Chesney's A Marseille fire surround in bathstone, now competing with tried and trusted favourite limestone for popularity, is impressive yet elegant.
City Fire Surrounds is also the main North-East supplier for Ora surrounds and a Next design dealer.
The Dolby Digital receivers are an upscale option that produce separate left and right surround channels.
Tub surrounds can be installed in any conventional tub/shower area that has a 5-ft bathtub.
It surrounds Beta Pictoris, a star just 63 light-years from our solar system.
With the center rear in operation, at times it was difficult to determine if anything positive was happening at all, and with some comparisons (both with test signals and musical/movie program sources) I took the trouble to disconnect the front speakers completely and just listen to the surrounds. That made it a lot easier to hear just what the center-rear feature was doing.
Of all "the stuff that surrounds us," footwear has perhaps taken the biggest design leap.
Returning to the entrance, once through the glass screen you come into the box that surrounds the drum, which both draws the eye upwards to the light, and you forward into its volume before you come to the glass doors that are constrained between the porter's booth and the shop.
That's a sign of dust, which absorbs visible light from the star that it surrounds and reemits the radiation at infrared wavelengths.
As many enthusiasts who have owned their speakers for more than 8-10 years probably realize, woofers with foam surrounds tend to have finite life spans that are often woefully short.