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surround (someone, something, or oneself) with (someone or something)

1. To group or gather people or things on all sides around someone or something; to encircle or enclose someone or something with people or things. The building was surrounded with police officers, completely trapping the burglars inside. People from around the country have been surrounding the gravesite with flowers and messages of thanks to the fallen hero.
2. To make a concerted effort to keep certain types of people to attend to or associate with someone or oneself. She hates criticism, so she just surrounds herself with sycophants who admire everything she does. You should try to surround your children with positive influences, but you must also accept that you cannot control every person with whom they spend time their time. My mother always taught me to surround myself with decent, honest people.
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surround someone or something with someone or something

to encircle or enclose someone or something with people, something, or things. We surrounded him with his friends as he lay in the hospital bed. We surrounded the tree with wire netting to protect it against rabbits. They surrounded the display of jewels with guards.
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BLEND OLD & NEW Elgin & Hall Their block fire surround in new limestone, which starts from pounds 750, is an inspired modern update on a hot list .
"We have noticed that MainStage is also becoming a popular means of generating surround sound from portable digital audio, such as iPods and other MP3 players," said Lee Adams, Soundmatters vice president of marketing.
Circle Surround encoding has made inroads to many of Hollywood's most influential creative talent and professional broadcasters.
- Highly-customizable 3D surround view software The new 3D surround view solution includes Cogent's highly acclaimed 3D surround view software which is presently used by several industry players.
The structure of the following discussion is as follows: the first section will present some possibilities, limitations and problems connected to surround sound on a general level.
TSL claims that its PPL SoundField DSF-B Digital Broadcast Surround Microphone package helped bring DMI sports broadcasting into the HD surround age.
First, a rectangular material volume is occupied to surround the lifting line and it is demonstrated that the P-TGR of the grounding system is further reduced as the sectional area of the surrounding material volume increases.
I would never recommend using Fyfe stone as a fire surround. It is now more likely to be found housing old VCRs that don't have any use today and I don't care what anyone says, should be avoided at all costs.
surround sound reproduction from the speaker without worrying about sound leakage to the surrounding environment, even in the middle of night.
For a more professional finish, put the surround in place and draw round the brackets with a pencil, then remove the surround.
A doughnut-shaped disk appears to surround a pair of stars that lie in the constellation Taurus.
Fastening towel bars, shelves or hooks to a fiberglass or plastic shower surround can be tricky.
By moving beyond the usual suspects of TV, kid radio and print your bank can surround prospective customers with its message.
I then switched to the Yamaha player and the surround SACD tracks and got similar results up front.
Contemporary Software has announced the availability of Surround SCM 4.0 for software change management (SCM).