surrender to (someone or something)

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surrender to (someone or something)

To submit or yield to the power, influence, or authority of someone or something. The manhunt ended when the escaped convict surrendered to authorities in a nearby motel. You don't need a complicated diet to lose weight, just learn how to avoid surrendering to your cravings for unhealthy food.
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surrender someone or something to someone or something

to give up someone or something to someone or something. You must surrender your child to the nurse for the child's own good. She will give her right back. He surrendered his car to the bank.
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surrender to someone or something

to give in to someone or something; to yield to someone or something. The robber surrendered to the cops. I will never surrender to my baser passions.
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surrender to

1. To relinquish possession or control of something to someone or something because of demand or compulsion: The commander surrendered the valley to the opposing forces.
2. To submit to the control or authority of someone or something: The army surrendered to the enemy after they lost the key battle. I hope the suspect surrenders to the police soon.
3. To give over or resign oneself, as to an emotion. Used reflexively: When I lost my parents, I surrendered myself to grief.
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References in classic literature ?
I scolded the stupid fellows well for listening to that tale, which I would not carry to my master; resolving to take a whole bevy up to the Heights, at day-light, and storm it literally, unless the prisoner were quietly surrendered to us. Her father SHALL see her, I vowed, and vowed again, if that devil be killed on his own doorstones in trying to prevent it!
"They brought Saddam's head to the police station premises and have surrendered to us. It seems like there were some family disputes going on between them since last two years but we still need to verify the same," police said.
This was also confirmed by some of the suspects who surrendered to us in connection with the Jolo bombing," he added.
As Tikka Khan, Yahya Khan got defeated to us and Niazi surrendered to us bowing his head down, those who have now become autocrat also must surrender to us." Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD-Rob) president ASM Abur Rob said Kader Siddiqu has immense contributions to forging the unity.
He threw down his gun and surrendered to us,'' Rocha said in a phone interview.
"Nalapad surrendered to us at the Cubbon Park police station where a case was booked against him for allegedly assaulting and severely injuring a youth in a cab on Saturday night," police sub-inspector K Suresh said.
The Irish High Court ordered that Gary Davis be surrendered to US authorities, who say they believe he was an administrator on the site from June to October 2013.
After the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, MKO surrendered to US forces and promised working together since then.
"More animals are being surrendered to us. We are getting 10 requests a day but we cannot help all of them.
He has been on death row since 2012 after he surrendered to US forces shortly after the invasion of the country.
Ongwen surrendered to US troops in the Central African Republic on 5 January and now is in trial by the International Criminal Court in the Hague where he faces seven counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes.
"He surrendered to us yesterday (Wednesday) and we're holding him somewhere and some other commanders of his," he said, adding the group of rebels would be held at an undisclosed location until a peace agreement was signed.
According to the company, the notes are to be surrendered to US Bank National Association, as trustee, in exchange for payment of the redemption price on 15 January 2013.
The father of two, who faces up to 35 years' jail if convicted, surrendered to US marshals after fighting extradition for two years.
He didn't deal with security."Tariq Aziz surrendered to US troops in 2003 shortly after the fall of Baghdad.In March 2009, he was jailed for 15 years for the executions of 42 Iraqi merchants.