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surpass someone or something in something

to exceed someone or something in some deed or quality. I will never be able to surpass Jill in speed or agility. My car surpasses yours in almost every respect.
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surpass oneself

To do the best that one ever has done at a given activity.
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At Surpass, our innovative approach to preclinical research goes beyond the ordinary.
Surpass FPs117-C and FPs117-F are performance resins for film applications that require superior toughness, such as food packaging, lamination films, and sealants.
In this scenario, candidate A can replay his successful game plan but not surpass it, while candidate B can raise his game to a new level.
We are honored to be recognized again this year as a leading preclinical contract research organization with impeccable quality and regulatory compliance," said Surpass CEO, Dr.
For example, Surpass HPs900-C demonstrates exceptional clarity (4% haze) while maintaining high puncture resistance and tear strength.
For-lease listings surpass aggregate square footage available of 2.
Surpass"), a recognized leader in preclinical research services, today announced that it has established a Surpass Innovation Award to support Fellows at the University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center.
Surpass FPs117-C and FPs117-F are for films requiring toughness more than clarity, such as food packaging, lamination films, heavy-duty sacks, and sealants.
Surpass"), a recognized leader in translational preclinical research, today announced that it has established a Surpass Innovation Award to support University of California, San Francisco's (UCSF's) leading researchers working on early-stage medtech innovation within the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI).
If ``Reloaded'' is not able to surpass the ``Spider-Man'' opening weekend record, it is widely expected to at least soar past the $90.
Tidewater Telecom purchased several SURPASS hiD 6650 platforms, utilizing a 10 GbE Ethernet ring to provide voice and data services to hospitals and other health care providers in the Rockport, Maine, area.
Preclinical Research Leader, SURPASS Establishes the Surpass Award in Support of Early Stage Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurs within the Stanford Biodesign Program.
A record Memorial Day weekend at the box office, led by ``Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones'' and ``Spider-Man,'' has the movie industry on the fast track to surpass last year's record take of $8.
Thanks to an intelligent automation strategy, the new Siemens SURPASS hiT 7300 platform combines the simplicity of metro systems with the performance of long-haul systems.