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surpass (someone or something) in (something)

To do better than someone or something else in some activity, aspect, or deed. I trained her in this profession, and she surpassed me in it faster than I could have ever anticipated. The new model surpasses its predecessor in the sharpness of its camera's images, but beyond that, there's isn't much new to write home about.
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surpass (oneself)

To do better in some activity or deed than one has ever been able to accomplish. The president has surpassed himself with this State of the Union address, delivering one of the most powerful and inspiring speeches in recent memory. Congratulations, team, each and everyone of you surpassed yourselves on this project!
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surpass someone or something in something

to exceed someone or something in some deed or quality. I will never be able to surpass Jill in speed or agility. My car surpasses yours in almost every respect.
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surpass oneself

To do the best that one ever has done at a given activity.
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The developmental Surpass grade has a density of 0.
Districts with more than one central cataloging person can purchase workstation licenses for the central cataloging locations at $120 each, just as with other Surpass products.
Produced with the company's Advanced Sclairtech technology and utilizing single-site catalysts, Surpass resins reportedly offer a combination of properties not available in conventional metallocene resins.
Surpass Software has released Version 4 of its Surpass Central, Surpass Safari and Surpass Web Safari library automation programs.
Company, Chicago, IL, has stopped shipping Surpass Antacid chewing gum.
Surpass Software has released its new Surpass Serials periodical management software, which is compatible with Surpass, as well as other library automation systems.
Formed last year, the supplier launched its first and only product, Surpass antacid chewing gum, this spring.
However, in each case, Gerstner's and Correnti's successors will have to surpass them in order to handle the greater complexity of continued high growth.
Surpass Software announced the release of Surpass Copycat, a cataloging tool for downloading free MARC records with no annual database subscription needed.
The Surpass family of resins is produced with Nova's new proprietary Advanced Sclairtech dual-reactor solution technology and a proprietary, non-metallocene single-site catalyst.
Registered commercial real estate principals surpass 100,000
Surpass Software has announced that it is now bundling Surpass Central with Surpass Safari and offering them at a reduced price to libraries with 5,000 or fewer volumes.
Dataquest analysts predict that the market is set to explode by the end of 2000, with sales estimated to surpass 410 million units.
Nova Chemicals in Pittsburgh has introduced four new ethylene-octene film resins, the first of its new Surpass line of high-performance LLDPEs.