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surpass (oneself)

To do better in some activity or deed than one has ever been able to accomplish. The president has surpassed himself with this State of the Union address, delivering one of the most powerful and inspiring speeches in recent memory. Congratulations, team, each and everyone of you surpassed yourselves on this project!
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surpass (someone or something) in (something)

To do better than someone or something else in some activity, aspect, or deed. I trained her in this profession, and she surpassed me in it faster than I could have ever anticipated. The new model surpasses its predecessor in the sharpness of its camera's images, but beyond that, there's isn't much new to write home about.
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surpass someone or something in something

to exceed someone or something in some deed or quality. I will never be able to surpass Jill in speed or agility. My car surpasses yours in almost every respect.
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surpass oneself

To do the best that one ever has done at a given activity.
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He added that Customs North Region has not only achieved but surpassed the targets of Customs Duty and other taxes assigned by Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad for the month of May 2019 before the end of the month.
Nomura said, "We believe FDI inflows to India (as a percentage of GDP) can surpass those into China in 2016, as India already has large investment commitments from MNCs in sectors like electronics, solar energy, auto, defence and railways." These trends of rising inflows to India and moderating inflows to China are likely driven by a mix of pull and push factors, such as divergent growth outlooks, ongoing FDI liberalisation/economic reforms in India and rising labour costs in China, Nomura said.
The post Younis surpasses Miandad as Pakistan's highest Test scorer as England struggle appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Leerink Swarm Analyst Richard Newitter noted that Lobo's vision is not known yet, as his appointment is so fresh, but it is safe to say that the purchase of Surpass is a comfortable one for Stryker.
The head of Iranian Saffron Exporting Union said with the current desirable situation of Iranian saffron production, it is expected that the country's annual exports will surpass 110,000 tons this year.
The findings echo a PricewaterhouseCoopers report published Monday, which found that Singapore and Hong Kong could surpass London and Switzerland as the world's top wealth management hub by 2013.
Previously, Turkish Statistical Institute reported that the two countries' trade value will surpass 15 billion dollars in 2011 by enforcing the inked preferential trade agreement.
The performance of the new Surpass grades has been tested by a film converter and its customer, a North American cereal manufacturer, who produced new packaging maintaining product freshness but with less film.
He told delegates attending the forum that China would surpass Japan in becoming the world's second largest economy within the next two decades.
Together with that, the Republic of Macedonia should prepare an agreement on friendship and good neighborly relations with Greece then submit it also to the UN and show that we are constructive and determined to surpass the problems regarding the name row.
Under the deal, Nokia Siemens Networks will deliver its softswitches (SURPASS hiE 9200), trunk media gateways (SURPASS hiG 1200), announcement server (SURPASS hiR 200), NetManager and IP Transport.
In fact, according to the market forecast, only the very popular commercial 130-190 seat aircraft will surpass the medium and large business jet category in deliveries over the next 20 years.