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surge in(to something)

to burst or gush into something or some place. The water surged into the valley after the dam broke. The doors opened and the people surged in.
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surge out (of something)

to burst forth or gush out of something or some place. The water surged out of the huge crack in the dam. We saw the crack where the water surged out.
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surge up

to rush or gush upwards. A spring of fresh water surged up under the stone and flowed out on the ground. The oil surged up and blew out into the open air in a tall black column.
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Although appliance mechanical controls are generally not susceptible to power surges, their electrical controls are vulnerable.
Start-up and shut down surge was prevented by fully opening the anti-surge control valve.
The new Bourns 2015-Series Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arrestors, available from Mouser Electronics, are low profile surge arrestors used to protect compact, space limited systems that have very limited component height.
When super typhoon 'Yolanda' hit the Philippines, the storm surges were as high as 5-6 meters (16-19 feet).
A whole-house surge suppressor intercepts surges from outside lines, mainly from lightning strikes, before they get into your home's electrical wiring.
5 Get the most out of your valuable home theatre system and at the same time protect it by using a power supply enhancement device, which does not only give protection against electric surges but also controls voltage and offers noise filtering.
Despite the greater amount of energy, lightning lasts for only a very short period of time (duration), at least in comparison to many types of artificially generated surges.
For the past 17 years, he's been a man on mission to wipe out power surges in critical equipment.
Recent major studies of power quality from Bell Labs and IBM respectively reported similar findings: blackouts, surges higher than 200 volts, and sags together accounted for fewer power-related issues than surges under 200 volts (82.
Inefficient and unreliable operation may follow these softer surges.
As part of the new series of "NIST Recommended Practices Guides," a 20-page booklet has been developed for the general public on how to protect residential appliances and consumer electronics against power surges.
Protect your laptop against erratic electrical current and telephone line surges and spikes anywhere in the world.
Many modern UPSs do triple duty: They also protect against surges and swings.
The "eco Surge " consumes less power to suppress surges, thus less heat is generated.