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brain surgery

A task requiring extreme intelligence, skill, or competence, usually used in a negative or rhetorical manner to indicate the opposite. Just follow the directions as they're written—it isn't brain surgery.
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meatball surgery

Battlefield surgery that is performed hastily so as to quickly stabilize a patient and prevent imminent death. Popularized (and possibly coined) by H. Richard Hornberger in his semi-autobiographical novel M*A*S*H, which focused on doctors serving in a fictional mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War. Primarily heard in US. At the height of the conflict, our surgeons were primarily concerned with meatball surgery, getting wounded soldiers patched up long enough to receive more specialized treatment down the line.
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in surgery

In the act of performing or receiving a surgical procedure. Dr. Miller is in surgery right now, but I can page another doctor for you. No, Mom's still in surgery, and I'm starting to get worried that it's taking so long.
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in surgery

to be involved in surgery. (Can refer to a doctor, nurse, or patients.) Dr. Smith is in surgery now. The patient is still in surgery.
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The Pediatric Surgery Department is one of MoHAP's reference departments that performed these qualitative surgeries that point to the key role of the Fetal Medicine Department in the success of pediatric surgeries, he added.
The master trainers helped junior consultants at a workshop where 32 doctors from all over Pakistan were shown 3D screening of surgeries on a large screen where international experts from China, Europe and Pakistani doctors working in foreign countries performed surgeries.
And since the heart was behaving well, chest surgeons continued to remove the lung tumour first," said Dr Shivnani, who is a Limca book awardee 2012, 2016 for conducting more than 446 successful bypass surgeries.
These same students held the belief that eyelid (12.5%), facial nerve surgeries (12.5%), congenital deformities (30%), and functional nasal surgeries (28.75%), all of which are prevalently reconstructed with plastic surgery were not related to plastic surgery at all.
In Rashid Hospital, Dr Bin Kalban said of the 9,513 patients admitted, 5,430 came in for surgeries out of which, 2,993 were minor surgeries and 2,437 were major surgeries.
The survey said: "Out of dozens of questions patients are asked, our data team have picked out seven key indicators and ranked all surgeries which had at least 50 responses to the survey.
Some 7,709 surgeries across England were ranked in each category, then given an overall ranking.
Dr Alzarooni also mentioned the other operations being conducted at the section including hernia surgeries, appendicitis surgeries, various accident and emergency surgeries, hysterectomy surgeries, infertility laparoscopy surgeries, caesarian surgeries, and also knee and shoulder arthroscopic intervention surgeries.
Robotic Surgery is the best treatment for patients with obesity and diabetes in addition to those who require complex surgical procedures and for patients who have undergone multiple surgeries.
Fix is graphic and very serious about the problems and numerous complications that can result from breast augmentation surgery, including the simple fact that it is almost never a one-time deal--women with breast implants usually need to have repeat surgeries over the course of years, even if nothing goes drastically wrong.
A limited number of surgical teams can perform the surgeries and patients require close follow-up, says Martinez-Martin.
McKinley, who runs a private practice with his wife in North Bay, has performed 22 laparoscopic surgeries using telementoring procedures, has no doubt this type of health-care delivery is the shape of things to come.