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brain surgery

A task requiring extreme intelligence, skill, or competence, usually used in a negative or rhetorical manner to indicate the opposite. Just follow the directions as they're written—it isn't brain surgery.
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meatball surgery

Battlefield surgery that is performed hastily so as to quickly stabilize a patient and prevent imminent death. Popularized (and possibly coined) by H. Richard Hornberger in his semi-autobiographical novel M*A*S*H, which focused on doctors serving in a fictional mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War. Primarily heard in US. At the height of the conflict, our surgeons were primarily concerned with meatball surgery, getting wounded soldiers patched up long enough to receive more specialized treatment down the line.
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in surgery

to be involved in surgery. (Can refer to a doctor, nurse, or patients.) Dr. Smith is in surgery now. The patient is still in surgery.
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While being a transsexual does not require that all (or any) of these surgeries be performed, the following reassignment surgery procedures are options for transsexuals:
Because of the risks involved in surgery without a standby of blood, some physicians decline to perform transfusion-free surgeries.
Currently, most heart surgeons use the more conventional method of putting a patient on a heart-lung machine, aka "the pump," for bypass surgeries.
To date, ORTHOsoft's computer assisted surgery systems have guided surgeons in more than 25,000 hip and knee surgeries in Europe and North America, and ORTHOsoft is well positioned to become a leader in the orthopaedic surgery market.
She ultimately got a good result but had to go through multiple surgeries, hospitalization and emotional stress for something that she could have done as an outpatient procedure.
The IntraLase FS laser is the first femtosecond laser cleared for use in a variety of refractive and corneal surgeries including LASIK, and intrastromal incisions used with ring implants, lamellar keratoplasty, penetrating keratoplasty, and for the preparation of the donor tissue used in corneal transplants.
Data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons found there were 2,440 surgeries on men last year.
Reisman uses his training and experience to better address the patient's desires and goals by discussing many options of care that includes a Skin Care Center, fillers and surgeries that restore a youthful shape, contour and appearance with rapid recovery and healing.
Spectrum Health performed nearly 1,200 surgeries in 2004, making it the largest hospital based program in the state of Michigan.
The number of gastric bypass surgeries has shot up in recent years, increasing from 29,000 procedures in 1999 to about 141,000 in 2004, according to the bariatric surgery society.