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surge in(to something)

to burst or gush into something or some place. The water surged into the valley after the dam broke. The doors opened and the people surged in.
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surge out (of something)

to burst forth or gush out of something or some place. The water surged out of the huge crack in the dam. We saw the crack where the water surged out.
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surge up

to rush or gush upwards. A spring of fresh water surged up under the stone and flowed out on the ground. The oil surged up and blew out into the open air in a tall black column.
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References in classic literature ?
And then the fight surged upon us once more and we were separated, but my heart's desire was attained, and it was with renewed vigor and a joyous soul that I laid about me with my long-sword until the last of the green men had had enough and had withdrawn toward their distant sea bottom.
A section of the mob tore itself loose and surged in after her.
1 : to rise suddenly and greatly <Prices have surged recently.
Fort Greene average prices per square foot for apartments surged a whopping 114.
The glacier has surged roughly once every two decades during the 20th century, with the last such event ending in 1967.
Prior to those events, it had surged periodically around 1900, 1920, and 1940, with evidence of previous episodes going back several centuries, says Molnia.