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surge in(to something)

to burst or gush into something or some place. The water surged into the valley after the dam broke. The doors opened and the people surged in.
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surge out (of something)

to burst forth or gush out of something or some place. The water surged out of the huge crack in the dam. We saw the crack where the water surged out.
See also: out, surge

surge up

to rush or gush upwards. A spring of fresh water surged up under the stone and flowed out on the ground. The oil surged up and blew out into the open air in a tall black column.
See also: surge, up
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Surge customers include professional and Olympic athletes, fighters, trainers, and everyday fitness enthusiasts.
These products also expand Porta Systems security product portfolio which was first announced on April 23, 2006 and included a Video Balun Combiner, Video Balun, Video Hub, Coax Surge Protector, UTP Surge Protectors and Coax/UTP Surge Protectors.
Over the next three months, SURGE companies will establish mentor relationships, land pilot projects, and prepare to raise subsequent rounds of capital.
Traditionally, startups and early-stage companies have had a difficult time gaining traction and credibility in the energy space," said Kirk Coburn, Managing Director and co-founder of SURGE Accelerator.
In these cases, the damage occurs not when electricity suddenly cuts out, but when it resumes, sending a sudden surge through the lines.
Commercial sector is analysed to be the fastest growing application segment for surge protection devices and is expected to attain a significant growth in the coming future.
The new Bourns 2015-Series Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arrestors, available from Mouser Electronics, are low profile surge arrestors used to protect compact, space limited systems that have very limited component height.
In its 2013 Storm Surge Report, CoreLogic took these elements into account to compile a list of states with the most properties susceptible to storm surge damage.
So, the compressor loses the ability to maintain the peak head when surge occurs and the entire system becomes unstable.
The surge suppressor is a cable that uses a special conductor and insulator and employs transmission line theory.
With AIR Worldwide Corp's recently enhanced storm-surge subcomponent to its model, damage from winds and storm surge are estimated for every hurricane it simulates, said Dr.
Surge suppressors or surge protectors are devices that protect equipment from excessive voltage (spikes and power surges) in the power line.
In addition, Fort Greene reported the highest surge in apartment prices with an 81.
Both versions can be equipped with a new activated surge bin and flexible screw conveyor to allow continuous loss-in-weight gravimetric discharging directly from bulk bags.
The weigher's compact design features an integral full loadcell weigh tank, surge tank and heating system.