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channel surf

To frequently change channels when watching television, especially for an extended period of time. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. After a long week of work, I like to just sit on the sofa and channel surf for a few hours.
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surf and turf

fish and beef; lobster and beef. (A dinner serving incorporating both expensive seafood and an expensive cut of beef. Alludes to the sea and to the pasture. Fixed order.) Walter ordered the surf and turf, but Alice ordered only a tiny salad. No surf and turf for me. I want fish and fish alone.
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surf the Net

to browse around in the contents of the Internet. I spend an hour a day or more surfing the Net.
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1. mod. wonderful; with it; excellent. (California.) This party is, like, surf.
2. in. to use a remote control to check a large number of TV stations. (see also channel hopping.) Don spends almost an hour surfing before he falls asleep in front of the TV.

surf the net

tv. to browse through the offerings of the internet. He surfs the net for three hours each evening.
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I remember coming back up to San Francisco from Venice and being struck by how differently Arc skated from the more surfy style of down south.
It's hard to be objective about how it turned out but it's quite adventurous visually, it's got the feel of a spaghetti Western and the soundtrack is very surfy.
I think my twist on the classic work wear style of suit with a bright surfy T-shirt or something like that conveys that message.
Between the cresting waves, troughs of surfy water form--your primary casting targets.
Devin: Slash's style is pretty rad, all surfy like.
The boat, which is undamaged and in good working order, is a little cruiser named Surfy.
So here's a big, huge thank-you to whoever handed in a pink and blue surfy bag with the red dragon wallet inside.
My son has the whole surfy hair and skateboard look.
The surfy dude turtle riding the currents in to Sydney harbour is Keanu Reeves-esque without being overly irritating.