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channel surfer

One who quickly switches between channels on a TV, as while looking for a program to watch. Hey, channel surfer, can you slow down so I can actually see what's on?
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silver surfer

An elderly person who is a proficient user of the Internet. My grandmother has become a real silver surfer since we got her new computer hooked up to the Internet. She even keeps in touch with her friends on social media!
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channel surfer

n. a person who practices channel hopping. My husband is a confirmed channel surfer. I can’t understand why he does it.
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Once she contains the hypermasculine fantasies that serve to trivialize surfer girls, Comer reveals the cultural, economic, and theoretical forces that animate her subjects' world.
Surfer Sam Lamiroy said: "Red Bull Break 5 is about bringing everyone together from all over the country to one amazing surf location, celebrating all that is good about our coastal lines.
According to the protesting surfers, the Health Ministry is making the wrong suggestion that active sportspeople are drug users, while they believe that it should do the opposite by encouraging an active way of life.
On Monday, Al Harmoudi said the special surf zone has been allotted for surfers after a technical study.
After Coast Guard crews made the rescue, they took the surfers to Devils Punchbowl State Park, where Depoe Bay Fire Department and medics were on scene.
"A Lake Surfer's Journey" is a powerful message of one man's journey, of how he listened to God speaking to his heart, followed Him in obedience, and is now inviting others to join him his journey.
It is all so much more of a challenge than surfing in other parts of the world and that's what the surfers love, plus the waves are such good quality here if you get the timing right, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience."
In 2007, she starred in Heart of a Soul Surfer, a film about her life.
Dave Rastovich of Surfers for Cetaeans, Hannah Mermaid, Hayden Panettiere of the popular TV show "Heroes," and Karina Petroni were just some of the heroes participating in the "paddle out." A paddle out is a surfer ritual that takes place when a fellow surfer dies.
When Paskowitz read an article about two Gaza surfers whose enjoyment of surfing the waves off the Palestinian-controlled strip of land was limited because they had only one surfboard to share between them, he decided to bridge the cultural gap by helping them.
The 28-year-old, whose favourite surf spots include Aberavon beach, which he has nicknamed Aberheaven, heads up the Cardiff branch of Christian Surfers UK.
They have a well-trained and professional staff of experienced surfers and life guards that make sure every child that participates in their camp gets the most of out their day.
For most surfers this would be a dream come true, but for the boys from Serviluz it is little more than a nightmare.
Wave predictions have become so reliable, he says, that many surfers check Web sites such as WaveWatch several times a day.
But it takes more than star surfers to make the tour a splash hit.