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channel surfer

One who quickly switches between channels on a TV, as while looking for a program to watch. Hey, channel surfer, can you slow down so I can actually see what's on?
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sidewalk surfer

Someone who rides a skateboard, especially as a means of transportation rather than to do tricks. This town is full of sidewalk surfers zipping by on their way to class or work. I used to be a sidewalk surfer when I was in college, but after breaking my ankle I never got back on a board again.
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silver surfer

An elderly person who is a proficient user of the Internet. My grandmother has become a real silver surfer since we got her new computer hooked up to the Internet. She even keeps in touch with her friends on social media!
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surfer dude

1. noun A man who spends a majority of his time surfing and who is stereotypically characterized by a laid-back demeanor, a disinclination to work, and an exaggerated Californian accent thick with surfer slang. The film features a comic relief character in the form of the most clichéd surfer dude imaginable, a pastiche of every '90s surfer trope. I was kind of a lazy surfer dude for several years after college, but after having kids I realized I needed to get my life together.
2. noun The stereotypical accent, slang, and speech pattern associated with surfer culture, especially that of Southern California. Dude, California is a huge and diverse state, so I don't know why you expected everyone here to speak surfer dude all the time.
3. adjective Related to or indicative of surfer culture. In one of the film's stupider moments, the protagonist's parents try to sneak into one of his parties, complete with doofy surfer dude voices and tone-deaf "young person" clothes.
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channel surfer

n. a person who practices channel hopping. My husband is a confirmed channel surfer. I can’t understand why he does it.
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Day after day, I watched the surfers. I daydreamed about taking a surfing lesson, but my hold on walking felt so recent and unlikely, I didn't chance it.
The first of the attacks took place on Saturday when two surfers were bitten while out on ( New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County, Florida.
"The surfer turned round and saw what he had done and he legged it back to Redcar."
'Good vibrations, respect for one another, not being too aggressive,' they sounded off the many aspects oif the competition that continued to attract its regular lineup of participants, 'it's becoming a big reunion among logging friends from around the world.' 'You have this global tribe of people and once a year you all see each other!' expressed Kage Gozun, a returning manila surfer.
The Philippines finished 20th of 42 countries with the world's best 197 surfers competing for honors.
The rescue lasted a couple of minutes and the exhausted male surfer was brought back to shore with no injuries.
I would have been interested in a chapter discussing female surfers. But perhaps that topic is deep enough for another work entirely--one that I hope to read from Cooley someday.
Crews quickly rushed to the scene and helped both surfers out of the water.
In the introductory chapter, Cooley poses several questions that will be addressed throughout the book, including the primary questions of "how is music used to mediate the experience of surfing?" and "how does surfing, and changing notions of what a surfing lifestyle might be, affect surfers' musical practices?" (p.
Rodrigueza said the pavilion is at least 400 square-meters in size which is composed of safe parking space, and facilities for surfers and visitors.
The post Kite surfer rescued appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
At 7.11pm on Friday, Cullercoats RNLI received a call to launch from Humber Coastguard following a 999 call from a member of public on Tynemouth Longsands who spotted a kite surfer in difficulties approximately 100m from shore.
On average, a participating surfer garners 12.14 points per heat, whereas in both 2009 and 2011, the figure slightly rose to 12.30, but declined to 11.83 in 2010.
Operations manager Joe Missen confirmed that the first surfer - a 26-year-old woman - had become caught in a rip current.