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silver surfer

An elderly person who is a proficient user of the Internet. My grandmother has become a real silver surfer since we got her new computer hooked up to the Internet. She even keeps in touch with her friends on social media!
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channel surfer

One who quickly switches between channels on a TV, as while looking for a program to watch. Hey, channel surfer, can you slow down so I can actually see what's on?
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sidewalk surfer

Someone who rides a skateboard, especially as a means of transportation rather than to do tricks. This town is full of sidewalk surfers zipping by on their way to class or work. I used to be a sidewalk surfer when I was in college, but after breaking my ankle I never got back on a board again.
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channel surfer

n. a person who practices channel hopping. My husband is a confirmed channel surfer. I can’t understand why he does it.
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Surfer v15 operates in a Microsoft[R] Windows environment with Windows 7, 8 (excluding RT), or 10.
Landrigan has always maintained his desire to make a legacy of helping Filipino surfers become known internationally, and in accepting this ambassadorship for Skyjet Airlines, that desire may soon be a reality.
Crews quickly rushed to the scene and helped both surfers out of the water.
Cooley also generally describes the connection between music and surfing, identifies the qualities that define surfing, and establishes surfers as an affinity group.
Female surfers, and fathers of some young female grommets, have taken to social media criticizing the video and promising to boycott the brand.
Surfer Girls in the New World Order is quite simply an important book and should find its place on the bookshelves of academicians of all stripes.
Ten teams of five surfers took to the waves for the Red Bull Break 5 event at Bamburgh beach at the weekend.
Surfers gathered at Wedge Beach, 100 miles north of Perth, for a minute's silence amid tributes to Ben, a cabinet-maker and musician known as "Big Red".
However, when paramedics took over caring for the children, the surfer faded into the background.
The surfers have launched a petition expressing their discontent over the suggestions made in the campaign video, the Cross news agency informs.
Criccieth coastguard and RNLI teams were sent to the scene but the surfer had already been able to reach the shore safely.
As Australian surfer and professional surfing event organiser MattWilson, who is more used to the paradise beaches of Australia's Gold Coast, said: "In terms of surfing Thurso really is the final frontier.
Dubai: Surfing in Dubai has not been banned but surfers found in the swimming area of Umm Suquiem 2 beach, near Jumeirah Beach Hotel, may be fined.
A welsh surfer has told how he turned to God after being kicked out of university because of his heavy-boozing ways.