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If there is a single characteristic that makes our community truly unique and admirable, it is the existence of the peaceful settlement of regional disputes and on regional cooperation as the best, if not the surest means of achieving peace,' he said.
Obama and Karzai during a video teleconference "reaffirmed that an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process is the surest way to end violence and ensure lasting stability in Afghanistan and the region," the statement said.
The recall of Ferdinand has reopened some old wounds for the England manager, who inherited the problem of what to do about the fact his two surest hands had effectively gone to war with each other.
ISLAMABAD -- The United States believes that investing in women and girls is one of surest ways to achieve economic progress, political stability, and greater prosperity for Pakistani women.
But, today, I am so happy to see that the American people have recognized education as the key to economic growth and prosperity--and the surest path out of poverty in our knowledge-based economy.
Children often take for granted the things they're surest of, and may not really think about the joys of home and love, but it can't be that way with us, we've always been so close, with us those special family ties will always matter most, and that's because you taught so well the happiness of sharing, you taught so well the precious worth of family love and caring, and so not just on special days, but each day all year through, we will feel so grateful, Mum, for home, for love, for you.
Dr Jeremy Hawker, HPA Regional spokesman, said: "We must keep reinforcing the message that using a condom with all new or casual sexual partners is the surest way to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
The company, based in Coventry, is growing twice as fast as sister companies in the rest of Europe with latest gains dramatically demonstrating the escalating importance of inventory optimisation and configuration tools as the surest route to survival, says the firm.
ROMANS 8, 16 That's what the saints of every age have meant when they said that the surest evidence for the reality of the Christian faith is the inner witness -what you can feel in your own heart.
Blanket receiverships are now considered one of the surest ways for associations to collect past due fees, since tenants and landlords who do not remit rent payments to the receiver can be found in contempt of court and face jail time, fines and other penalties.
Look for fruit with evenly wrinkled skin--the surest sign of ripeness.
The quickest and surest method has to be China/Russia style police bullet to rear of skull, at spinal pivot point.
So, the surest way to prevent directly elected mayors from ruining city government is to ensure that Tony keeps voicing his support for them.
The best and surest way to ensure security is to make sure [terrorist] never get here, and to supply our soldiers with what they need.
The surest way to position for the best possible playoff berth is to pile up victories.