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A "dangerous" standard, rather than a vague "anti-hate-speech" one seems on surer footing -- even as we are under no illusion that kicking out Jones, Farrakhan and the like will halt the rise of racism, anti-Semitism or other bigotry.
Analysts don't expect run-away gains in the Pound unless there is surer signs that a disorderly no-deal Brexit scenario will be avoided (which is what analysts expect).
'In a lot of democracies, the DP is surer of gaining office by working on the legacy of the incumbent.
Moreover, the economic recovery will be on a surer footing by the fourth quarter of 2018 and this might prompt the central bank to go for a rate hike.
The Bilbao decider against Leinster will follow and nothing is surer than the fact that the Blues will wrap the core of their frontliners up in cotton wool.
These optics weigh only 24 oz, and feature an open-bridge, roof-prism design and an aluminum body that's protected by textured armor for a surer grip.
There can be no surer evidence of this than the fact that the former Glaswegian Guv has been denied a berth in the Punjab Provincial Assembly - where he could've acquired Chief Ministerial airs, or aspirations to be Leader of the Opposition - and sent Upstairs to the Senate.
It is better and surer consuming the ones you prepared yourself,' he said.
Any time we had a harsh frost or any snow fell the only thing surer than it being very cold was that barely any pavements or roads were gritted.
News that she's confident that Zylka is "the one." "I've never been surer of anything in my life," she said when asked about her relationship with the 32-year-old "The Amazing Spider-Man" actor.
Local markets are yet to find ways for the realistic price discovery of multiple varieties and a surer supply management despite of research in wheat varieties in collaboration with foreign institutions over the years which has boosted perhectare yield.
Niche theatrical exposure is possible, with select broadcast and streaming placements a surer bet.
Mr Ashman was on surer ground when it came to neighbourhood policing.
Surer has condemned youths in Loroyo payam for taking the law into their own hands.