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All these forms of bravery stem from one thing: an absolute sureness that dancing is what you want to do.
Cole, then, incorporates the lessons of social history in showing how an examination of popular culture that goes beyond textual analysis can pierce the sureness of the latest theory or the accepted political narrative.
And he brings a sureness of touch to the commonplace subject that is rare.
And there was little to reassure spectators over the sureness of the EU's touch as Romano Prodi welcomed Muammar Gaddafi to Brussels this week.
Each individual piece is composed with musical sureness and technical subtlety; each projects its own particular character with imagination and an economy of means.
His characters drink a lot and work at the mill or the plant, where everyone's a little worried about the guy who just cut his hand off with a table saw; relationships crumble from the strain of growing incomprehension between former soulmates; his dialogue has a sureness and import that transcend its simplicity, even in lines like "You're on your own" and "Thank God for that elephant." Clarke might collect other comparisons to George Saunders: both have a thing for depicting people (especially working folk) who should know better, but screw up anyway, and both combine the comic and the deeply sad to create something at once bleak and radiant.
Time magazine called Davis' first album, Blame It on Me, one of the year's 10 best a few years back; this second attempt has a resounding strength and sureness backed by Davis' voice, rhythm guitar and lyrics.
Yet even in the weaker paintings, these sporadic frailties ultimately give way to an overall impression of sureness and freshness.
The leaf and scroll patterns are well defined and executed with a strength and sureness that holds fast even under the magnification of a watchmaker's loupe.
For the self-efficacy measure participants assigned a percentage to indicate degree of sureness that he or she could solve the mathematical problem.
Their poems commingle the political and the amatory to reveal not the sureness of colonial domination but an "unterhered longing" (164) in a changing world.
Stripped of her partner and identity as a spouse, she flounders to find work and relationships that will replace her lost sense of self, making mistakes and new starts with a stumbling but growing sureness.
He finally got back into action for Celtic after the mid-winter break, showing all his old skill and defensive sureness.
Even at the start, Shakespeare's confidence and sureness as a writer might suggest to us that he relied on something more than intuition, his rivals' works, and other sources in designing a play.
This lack of clarity is paralleled by occasional lack of sureness with the general cultural context.