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slowly but surely

At a slow or incremental pace but making steady, dependable progress. I've been writing my thesis slowly but surely—it will probably take me all year to finish it, but it's getting there! A: "Hey, how's the new novel coming along?" B: "Ah, slowly but surely!"
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slow but sure

Slow or incremental but yielding steady, dependable progress. It's going to be slow but sure writing my thesis, as I have to balance my part-time job with my research. A: "Hey, how's the new novel coming along?" B: "It's been slow but sure."
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slow but sure

 and slowly but surely
slow but unstoppable. Bob's progress on his novel was slow but sure. Nancy is finishing the paint job on her house, slowly but surely.
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slow but sure

Gradual or plodding but certain to finish, as in Slow but sure this book's getting written. This idiom was first recorded in 1562, although the idea is much older. A related phrase appears in the proverb slow and steady wins the race, which is the moral of Aesop's fable about the race between a tortoise and a hare, which stopped to nap during the race and therefore lost.
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slow but (or and) sure

not quick but achieving the required result eventually. proverb
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slowly but ˈsurely

used for describing definite but slow progress in something: Attitudes to women at work are changing slowly but surely.
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slow but sure

Plodding but reliable. This proverbial term dates from the early seventeenth century, and the idea is as old as Aesop’s fable about the tortoise and the hare. “This snail’s slow but sure,” wrote John Marston in his 1606 play The Fawn (3:1).
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Surely if it is with a man, it calls into question the entire basis of the marriage.
However, it surely makes sense to ensure that best practice is being used so doubtless there will be a replacement sought for John Haynes.
Surely this is not what was meant, That non-rascist 52% They just wanted our border barriers to drop, And this rampant immigration to stop, Much more stricter border controls Would stop these hordes of Hungarians and Poles, It's OK, however, if we go over there, And our Jack tours Europe on his gap year.
Yes it may indeed involve yet more political U-turns, but surely even within this Conservative administration, there lurks some common sense without the rest of the country having to state the obvious?
Surely we need to forget the millions intended for Trident and space programmes and the billions to be wasted on HS2 as it's surely obvious to even this government that the country's infrastructure is rapidly decaying before our eyes.
As Terry wrote, with today's technology these could be made more comfortable and surely at a cheaper cost than that of a traditional build.
GIVEN the shocking news breaking about the activities of Wonga, surely there has to be serious consideration for their operating licence to be revoked.
I thought, surely this book will enjoy its protagonist's misogyny; surely such a book will not be able to help but luxuriate in the horrific little ways its small hero finds to degrade women.
Surely the bedroom tax is just adding to this problem.
Surely a decision could have been taken on Friday, saving everyone involved from a lot of hassle, time and money?
A Caesarean section should surely be a last resort, something which has to happen because a natural birth is not physically possible or would endanger the mother or child's health.
Surely this is just what our sport needs, a fresh start and something like this.
Its makers decided to call it Dog Beer when surely they overlooked another more appropriate name.
We do not need the likes of you slating our city for what are surely your own failings.