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slowly but surely

At a slow or incremental pace but making steady, dependable progress. I've been writing my thesis slowly but surely—it will probably take me all year to finish it, but it's getting there! A: "Hey, how's the new novel coming along?" B: "Ah, slowly but surely!"
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slow but sure

Slow or incremental but yielding steady, dependable progress. It's going to be slow but sure writing my thesis, as I have to balance my part-time job with my research. A: "Hey, how's the new novel coming along?" B: "It's been slow but sure."
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slow but sure

 and slowly but surely
slow but unstoppable. Bob's progress on his novel was slow but sure. Nancy is finishing the paint job on her house, slowly but surely.
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slow but sure

Gradual or plodding but certain to finish, as in Slow but sure this book's getting written. This idiom was first recorded in 1562, although the idea is much older. A related phrase appears in the proverb slow and steady wins the race, which is the moral of Aesop's fable about the race between a tortoise and a hare, which stopped to nap during the race and therefore lost.
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slow but (or and) sure

not quick but achieving the required result eventually. proverb
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slowly but ˈsurely

used for describing definite but slow progress in something: Attitudes to women at work are changing slowly but surely.
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That is surely the question Ms Fernandes will ask herself in the many long nights to come.
It is one of those weird warpings of historical actuality in which the events exposed, the connections made, the inversions produced, seem surely those of imagination rather than "fact.
Whether you agree or disagree with his policies, surely he deserved to be heard.
There will surely be a kick in them tomorrow after managing just 0-3 in 70 minutes against Antrim coupled with painful memories of last year's Championship defeat to Waterford.
Surely it cannot be that difficult to organise properly.
Surely someone can make an attempt to control it ( it is purely a form of brainwashing.
While many things in life preclude simple analysis, surely defining the parameters of one's argument, irrespective of one's intellectual or religious leanings, is a most desirable goal.
Surely the answer was ethnic cleansing by the Celts?
Surely if they popped them back into their sacks, they could be used again and again.
Surely neither Del Boy Trotter nor his pal Trigger, who is not of course a horse, would be seen dead at such an event?
Geraldine Smith,MP for Morecambe,is surely right to now call for the closure of the cockle beds until it can be shown that they are safe.
Citizens must surely be fed up with having their town ripped to bits with grandiose schemes.
Sir, - Those of us who thought war highly inadvisable and wondered what we were doing in it anyway, surely have only these thoughts .
Brown earns respect for refusing, on grounds of style, to shift the date of the work to conform to the biographical record, but, if the portrait itself is not to be dated later in the decade when Bembo could have commissioned the whole work, the proposal that he was responsible for the reverse should surely be dropped.