sure of yourself

sure of (oneself)

Very self-confident. You can't go into that interview wondering if you're good enough for the job—if you're sure of yourself, the interviewer will be sure of you, too. A: "Well, Tammy's very sure of himself, isn't she?" B: "Yeah, we've never needed to worry about her succeeding in life."
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ˈsure of yourself

(sometimes disapproving) very confident: She seems very sure of herself.
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References in classic literature ?
"Hard as this year which delays my happiness will be," continued Prince Andrew, "it will give you time to be sure of yourself. I ask you to make me happy in a year, but you are free: our engagement shall remain a secret, and should you find that you do not love me, or should you come to love..." said Prince Andrew with an unnatural smile.
Ah, you may be sure of yourself in old John's ship."
Are you sure of yourself?" Legal mind, in spite of forensic protestations, must secretly admit, "Good reasoning on the part of M.
"Now my dear, you're steady and quite sure of yourself?"
The best swimmers would urge you to try rescuing a drowning man only if you are sure of yourself. This is because a drowning man would grab anything and anyone he could out of desperation.
However, if you're brave (and a little sure of yourself) you could send a link to this post to your customers and ask them how you're doing.
I guess when you are sure of yourself, people will feed into your faith and confidence.
"If you're not sure of yourself, it's like the mad dogs are out there, they sense that you're not comfortable being a strong person.
There are times when you can be too sure of yourself and overly confident.
"I've heard your evidence and I have no doubt that even now you remain obstinately sure of yourself and your own abilities.
And if you are not sure of yourself or where you stand, you might as well just maybe shut up,' he said.
When you have such a talented individual like him, you have to be sure of yourself as an actor.
In the course of your training, you will also become a more confident person, someone who is sure of yourself and what you are doing.