sure of (oneself)

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sure of (oneself)

Very self-confident. You can't go into that interview wondering if you're good enough for the job—if you're sure of yourself, the interviewer will be sure of you, too. A: "Well, Tammy's very sure of himself, isn't she?" B: "Yeah, we've never needed to worry about her succeeding in life."
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sure of oneself

Self-confident, as in Now that Mary's graduated she's much more sure of herself. This expression uses sure in the sense of "confident" or "secure," a usage dating from the mid-1400s.
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ˈsure of yourself

(sometimes disapproving) very confident: She seems very sure of herself.
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References in classic literature ?
Yes, perhaps they do," said East; "there's a new set you see, mostly, who don't feel sure of themselves yet.
They were loud and they were sure of themselves and they were wrong.
They tend to be sure of themselves, energetic, optimistic, forward-thinking, and fast-moving.
It was perhaps an indication of a side still trying to be sure of themselves.
Those who are sure of themselves are not scared of movies, even if Wonder Woman is the main character.
Because little girls often begin to read more fluently at a faster rate than do little boys, boys in the classroom often begin to feel less sure of themselves as they continue to struggle with those mysterious marks the teacher insists form hunks and chunks and even whole words.
When it comes to financial confidence, women are not slower or less sure of themselves, they just want things done right.
They use bullying to feel stronger and more sure of themselves.
John O'Conor's depth is in the way he brings unbeatable and unthreatening energy into teaching even when the pianist is not entirely sure of themselves.
Although, I have seen with younger graduates coming into construction that they are far more confident, more assertive and sure of themselves.
Summary: With achievers, it is not always the case they have to be sure of themselves
I just felt our first group was lacking in defense tonight, weren't real quick and sure of themselves defensively, and our second group came out and changed the defensive tempo.
While Afridi's greater experience merited his introduction, Yasir was not called upon until Kohli and Dhawan were well set, and struggled to contain rather than seeking wickets against batsmen less sure of themselves his final figures a barren 0 for 60 in eight overs.
Perhaps China's rulers are less sure of themselves than Putin.
In general film actresses were rather intimidated, easy to advise and not always sure of themselves," notes author Annie Schneider, but monarchs had absolute confidence in their milliners, who travelled to their respective residences in order to show them their designs and take measurements.