sure of (oneself)

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sure of (oneself)

Very self-confident. You can't go into that interview wondering if you're good enough for the job—if you're sure of yourself, the interviewer will be sure of you, too. A: "Well, Tammy's very sure of himself, isn't she?" B: "Yeah, we've never needed to worry about her succeeding in life."
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sure of oneself

Self-confident, as in Now that Mary's graduated she's much more sure of herself. This expression uses sure in the sense of "confident" or "secure," a usage dating from the mid-1400s.
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ˈsure of yourself

(sometimes disapproving) very confident: She seems very sure of herself.
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As players, individually and as a team, we are a lot more sure of ourselves and what we're supposed to do.
It was a mature performance and, individually and as a team, we are a lot more sure of ourselves and what we're supposed to do.
Without sounding too sure of ourselves, we discovered the show was still popular when we did the tour (in 2012).
We are a bit more sure of ourselves, we have a bit more energy.
We are sure of ourselves, confident of our past; we do not have a bad record in history.
We are not so sure of ourselves that you can always be sure you're going to be right, but we have certainly done our homework on this one, far more than anything else in my time at the R&A.
We arrived feeling very prepared and sure of ourselves thanks to our winning result last year.
Anyhow we are sure of ourselves because it is not first time [a] bank could collapse.
Instead, we have gone to war with lesser enemies, enemies that we could retaliate against without appearing sure of ourselves, without appearing morally certain, without seeming selfish.
Indeed, we have begun to accept the loss of identity as Indigenous peoples simply because we feel less sure of ourselves since we are using our Indigenous languages less and less.
We have to be on our guard but we also have to be confident and sure of ourselves and think we are looking like a good side again," he said.
We can be sure of ourselves and also push ourselves.
Spohn: That's not to say that we're so sure of ourselves and our music that we're definitely not blowing it.
Leinster boss Michael Cheika said: "I am disappointed we lost the game but we are still in charge of our own destiny although if we want to be sure of ourselves we need a bonus point next week.