sure of (oneself)

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sure of (oneself)

Very self-confident. You can't go into that interview wondering if you're good enough for the job—if you're sure of yourself, the interviewer will be sure of you, too. A: "Well, Tammy's very sure of himself, isn't she?" B: "Yeah, we've never needed to worry about her succeeding in life."
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sure of oneself

Self-confident, as in Now that Mary's graduated she's much more sure of herself. This expression uses sure in the sense of "confident" or "secure," a usage dating from the mid-1400s.
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ˈsure of yourself

(sometimes disapproving) very confident: She seems very sure of herself.
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References in classic literature ?
It's been "I will" and "I won't" with me all my life--I'll make sure of myself now."
'I am not quite so sure of myself, and therefore I reserve my privilege of objecting to him,' returned the other.
"I am not so sure of myself." He paused a moment, and then added, "That was a right thing for Casaubon to do.
I was not quite sure of myself before, but now I am.
I have not recovered it this morning: I hardly feel sure of myself yet."
Only now I am more sure of it, if possible; I am more sure of myself, and more sure of you.
I counted up to high numbers, to make sure of myself, and repeated passages that I knew in prose and verse.
But how could any of you feel sure of me when I couldn't so much as feel sure of myself? How could you help regarding as an incumbrance and a discredit to you an idle dragooning chap who was an incumbrance and a discredit to himself, excepting under discipline?
"I can't tell you about it now," she said; "I shall burst out crying if I tell you now--later, Marian, when I am more sure of myself. My poor head aches, darling--aches, aches, aches.
But I felt myself struggling mentally with an invading gloom as though I were no longer sure of myself.
Rock said: "Look, I've always been confident of myself and sure of myself in general play, as well as frees.
Though it's possible I'm the one who's wrong, as I seem to be every time I get too sure of myself. Christine rolls her shoulders so his hand drops off.
So that's where I headed, buoyant, confident and - as it turned out - a little too sure of myself.
'I'm a lot more sure of myself and confident and just relaxed,' he said.
Like every jumped up little twerp on my politics undergraduate course at Cardiff I was overwhelming sure of myself -- a world view that, on reflection, had no merits at all.