sure as hell

(as) sure as hell

Certainly, definitely, or absolutely. I've worked all my life to get to this position, so I'm sure as hell not going to give it up without a fight! They're sure as hell going to notice all that money missing in the morning. Tiffany sure as hell started that rumor about you. Why else would she look so guilty?
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*sure as hell

Inf. very sure. (Use discretion with hell. *Also: as ~.) As sure as hell, III be there on time. As sure as hell he did it!
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(as) sure as ˈhell

(American English, informal) certainly; without doubt: Joe sure as hell won’t want to dress up in a suit and tie.
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sure as hell

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These dudes sure as hell have gone a long way from the little street oriented spot of the first days to the concrete monstrosity of today.
She sure as hell didn't make that kind of money playing tennis..
Hate is hate, and we sure as hell aren't going to drink to it with a Coors!
UH UH." I that doesn't outdistance Dylan it sure as hell keeps up with him.
I do not want to stay in this place, and I sure as hell don't want to come back home.
Hey Jake, though you probably do not remember me, I sure as hell remember you.
If nurses can catch HIV from the infected blood of patients, it can sure as hell happen the other way round.
* "Although I haven't ever had plastic surgery, I sure as hell would when and if I ever felt that doing so would make me more comfortable with myself.