sure as eggs is eggs

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(as) sure as eggs (is eggs)

A phrase used to describe something that is definitely going to happen. It might be a corruption of the phrase "x is x." Of course I'll be there, sure as eggs is eggs!
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sure as eggs is eggs


sure as eggs

If you say that something will happen as sure as eggs is eggs or sure as eggs, you mean it will certainly happen. He'll be back, asking for more money. Sure as eggs is eggs. If you don't deal with the problem now, then sure as eggs you'll have cause to regret it later. Note: This expression may be a variation or mishearing of `as sure as x is x', referring to the use of x to represent a variable in algebra and logic.
See also: egg, sure

sure as eggs is eggs (also sure as fate)

without any doubt; absolutely certain.
See also: egg, sure

(as) sure as eggs is ˈeggs

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) absolutely certain; without any doubt: If he goes on driving at that speed, he’ll end up in hospital, as sure as eggs is eggs.
See also: egg, sure
References in classic literature ?
Poirot here, arrested you would have been, as sure as eggs is eggs
As sure as eggs (whatever that means) I'll remember why I'm in the kitchen just as the little stove-pot bubbles up and threatens to decorate the Aga with coffee.
And by the way, the phrase is really "as sure as eggs is eggs" - which should be "as sure as eggs ARE eggs" - and means "without doubt".
Sure as eggs is eggs this year's batch won't taste right whatever the date.