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I reckoned I'd seen your kind before, and now I sure know I have.
I'm sure there will be a deal, whether it's the deal I want, which is a free trade agreement, the customs agreement, and so on, I'm pretty sure but I'm not certain.
Sure Wind also owns the first FCS 2610 ever built the pioneering Shamal (renamed Sure Shamal) - which it acquired in July 2013.
Focus Products completed the Sure Fit purchase late last year.
Sure for Women and Sure for Men, unveiled last month by Innovative Brands, offer the same odor and wetness protection and all-day performance of other Sure products, but come with unique benefits and scents that men and women seek, according to the company.
What if he'll make sure the bomb doesn't go off in exchange for a ride on the space shuttle?
Click on Properties and make sure there is a check next to Allow callers to access my local area network.
So I make every effort not only to work on technique but also to make sure they know the time requirements and how important the role of the snapper and holder is.
IF YOU'RE YOUNG ENOUGH to have to wear a helmet, make sure it's about two sizes too large.
Double-check to make sure all hoses are connected, then refill the hydraulic reservoir.
And we've teamed up with Sure Sport For Men to offer three lucky readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to enjoy a World Cup match in style.
Be sure you have enough insurance to cover all of your property and potential liabilities.
Making sure the risk manager has a scat at the table is step one.
Make sure all your outfits complement each other so you can mix 'n' match 'em up.