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Being dead, with grass growing out of your carcasses, you won't know when I hang, but I'll sure have the pleasure a long time of knowing you-all beat me to it."
But while you're deliberating, I want to give you-all a warning: if that door opens and any one of you cusses lets on there's anything unusual, right here and then I sure start plugging.
"There's three several things I sure want to tell you-all.
If it gets out how you gave me the double-cross and how I done you back again, the laugh'll be on you, and it'll sure be an almighty big laugh.
arrest me and try to rob me a second time, I'll go gunning for you-all, and I'll sure get you.
And when the Setliffe crowd shook down Idaho, and reorganized the smelter trust, and roped in the rest of the landscape, and put through the big hydraulic scheme at Twin Pines, why I sure got squeezed.
Not that I ain't enjoying your company--I sure do enjoy it--but I just can't afford to be caught.
If you begin by attempting to collect what you think is coming to you, later on you will be collecting what you are perfectly sure isn't coming to you.
She was sure she could do it, and yet she was not sure; and so it was that she refrained as she withdrew her hand.
You're sure bad, but the trouble with you is that you're weak in your badness.
Sally, Sir, will be delighted I'm sure. She's extremely sorry to lose you, Mr Richard, but a sense of her duty to society reconciles her.
He cannot think this -- and you may be sure that he would not have you think it.
It has given me such an abhorrence of annuities, that I am sure I would not pin myself down to the payment of one for all the world."
"I believe you are right, my love; it will be better that there should by no annuity in the case; whatever I may give them occasionally will be of far greater assistance than a yearly allowance, because they would only enlarge their style of living if they felt sure of a larger income, and would not be sixpence the richer for it at the end of the year.
But I must not detain you now; I thank you for trying my plan with your good horse, and I am sure you will find it far better than the whip.