supply with

supply (someone or something) with (someone or something)

To furnish, equip, or provide someone or something with one or more people or things. This company supplies the entire region with electricity. I can supply you with all the workers you need to get this build finished in time.
See also: supply

supply someone or something with something

to provide something to someone or something. We will supply you with all the pencils you need. We supplied the committee with ice water.
See also: supply
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One way to improve the DC output rise time is to choose a programmable power supply with a higher DC output range.
Also provided are voltage and current monitoring signal lines and control lines to enable or disable the power supply with millisecond reaction time.
What we seem to have forgotten, however, is 'that the risk adjusted process of matching supply with real demand-- not just capacity, is the key issue, and in this process, a balanced portfolio might include market share from both far and near.
The cross section of the power coil is shown connected to the 60 hz AC supply with a ground detection device connected to the center of two power factor correction capacitors.
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