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take the Browns to the Super Bowl

slang To defecate. It is a pun in which "Super Bowl" refers to a toilet, and "the Browns" refers to the Cleveland Browns football team (chosen because feces are brown). Hang on, I've got to take the Browns to the Super Bowl before we leave the house.
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A food that is hailed as exceptionally nutritious. I know kale is a superfood, but I just can't force myself to eat it.


1. mod. fine; excellent. This report is just super!
2. n. superintendent. The super comes by every now and then to check on things.


and super-dooper
mod. excellent. That’s just super-duper. Couldn’t have asked for better.




n. an earnest and hardworking student. (As compared to a jock; strap; superjock.) I couldn’t be a super-strap even if I had the brains. I just don’t care that much.
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The ATP Tour schedule is set up so the Mercedes Benz Cup tournament serves as a precursor to the du Maurier Open in Toronto, which is a Super 9 event.
I think that being on the eve of a Super 9 tournament, some players may feel that if they make it to the final of the tournament the week before, they may not be fresh for the Super 9,'' said Kevin O'Keefe, former ATP Tour director of media services and now president of Riprock Sports Marketing in Pacific Palisades.
The Super Highway will have an insatiable appetite for acreage.
This alone is enough to drive forward the NAFTA Super Highway movement and to make sure politicians willing to support the movement have ample funds with which to run their campaigns and live their lives comfortably.
Metabolic and cardiovascular stimuli were both low with the Super Slow program.
Steve Smith, Super Seer's President, stated, "We are excited for the possibilities to provide additional protection for officer safety in the every day duties of the Law Enforcement Officer.
SCVB and Seattle-based GoTech conducted a customer satisfaction survey of 2,300 Seattle Super Saver past users in mid-March, garnering a 23 percent response rate.
But according to a recent survey, our customers overwhelmingly praise Seattle Super Saver's rates, features and service for its greater overall value.
RPX Super is the first 8260-based device to be configured in PC/104 mechanical form factor.
With the release of the RPX Super," Robert Applebaum, Embedded Planet CTO, announced, "the barriers to developing software and hardware used in tomorrow's Internet infrastructure have been greatly reduced.
Louis Rams Super Bowl XXXIV Champions, NFL Films takes fans behind-the-scenes, inside the locker room and onto the sidelines for an intimate view of the Super Bowl champs.
In Super Bowl XXXIII Champions NFL Films will take fans behind-the-scenes, inside the locker room and onto the sidelines for an intimate view of the Super Bowl champs.
The Denver Broncos now take their place among the elite teams in NFL history as their 34-19 victory makes them only the sixth team in league history to win consecutive Super Bowls.
CBS SportsLine's Super Bowl XXXIII site, located at (http://www.
When the merger is complete, former Super Rite shareholders will hold approximately 31% of Richfood's total common stock outstanding.