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take the Browns to the Super Bowl

slang To defecate. It is a pun in which "Super Bowl" refers to a toilet, and "the Browns" refers to the Cleveland Browns football team (chosen because feces are brown). Hang on, I've got to take the Browns to the Super Bowl before we leave the house.
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A food that is hailed as exceptionally nutritious. I know kale is a superfood, but I just can't force myself to eat it.


1. mod. fine; excellent. This report is just super!
2. n. superintendent. The super comes by every now and then to check on things.


and super-dooper
mod. excellent. That’s just super-duper. Couldn’t have asked for better.




n. an earnest and hardworking student. (As compared to a jock; strap; superjock.) I couldn’t be a super-strap even if I had the brains. I just don’t care that much.
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The ATP Tour, trying to market tennis worldwide, is considering shifting the dates of several tournaments so Super 9s aren't played in back-to-back weeks.
While tournament directors did address the ATP Tour about potential problems with the new Super 9 format and schedule changes during the U.
Until we see who plays the tournaments in 2000, we're not going to know what the results are, the psychological part of playing all the Super 9s,'' Kramer said.
If the Super Highway proceeds, and all that goes with it, American government will no longer provide its time-tested protections against tyranny and socialism.
This map is a conceptualization of the Super Highways now underway to connect the United Stales, Canada, and Mexico to help bring about the creation of a North American Union similar to the European Union.
The Seattle Super Saver program was one of the first convention & visitor bureau consumer housing programs of its kind in the U.
To receive the discounted rate, at least one overnight stay at a participating hotel is required and reservations must be made via the Seattle Super Saver web site or toll-free telephone reservation line.
RPX Super features scalable linear Flash memory of up to 32Mbytes, separately controlled SDRAM arrays for both the Power PC bus and the local bus up to 128Mbytes and 10/100 Ethernet brought out from the communications processor bus.
RPX Super comes with PlanetCore diagnostic and start-up software enabling faster software development and deployment.
The Super Bowl home video annually ranks among the best selling sports programs.
The Super Bowl XXXIII Champions official home video has an approximate running time of 50 minutes.
Daily Video Diary - Throughout Super Bowl week, CBS SportsLine will provide daily video from Miami including the Super Bowl Sports Reel (an off-the-wall, humorous look at the Super Bowl frenzy), interviews with players and coaches and "On the Town," in insider's guide to Miami.
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After the merger is completed, Super Rite will operate as a separate, wholly owned subsidiary of Richfood Holdings Inc.
Alex Grass, chairman and chief executive officer of Super Rite, stated, "We are delighted with the opportunities that this transaction offers our shareholders, customers and employees.