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Right now, it's Super Dooper Love by Joss Stone, which we brought back into the repertoire for our gigs at Iris.
Louise was having a conniption this week as she had no idea how much the super dooper digital school bag would set her back.
That's what I was told when I bought a pair of super dooper training shoes for my fitness regime.
They wanted to launch their new super dooper set-up - which is really just the same thing as before with a lick of paint - with all trumpets blaring in a flurry of faux positivity.
35)." At the end of the book are extra resources like How to Become a Super Dooper Pooper, a Word Search, and Make Your Own Badges, plus Q & A About Bedwetting (Just For Parents).
A cautionary tale is Super Dooper Jezebel (09) by Tony Ross; a perfect in every way small girl, surrounded by misbehaviours to delight readers, finally gets her come-uppance.
APPETITE: Zoe Chamberlain tackles the humongous Super Dooper Burger - the UK's biggest burger
Cindy was keen to explore new literacies with Alex and, as part of her approach, she introduced the software program Super Dooper Music Looper.
"It is going to be a super dooper variety show," the former Crossroads star explains.
My daddy is a super-hero,my daddy is a super dooper hero,my daddy is Father Christmas.
WE make no secret of the fact that we love to eat in super dooper (sorry, we've come over all Madonna there) stylish eateries and our lunch spot de choix at the moment is Castell Deudraeth's fab restaurant at Portmeirion.
Oh Deer - The Super Dooper Reindeer Pooper from Midlon Foods, Inc.
Whatever the post-modern style pundits, the cultural commentators, or even you the buying public say, ABBA, the 70s super dooper pop phenomenon, were uncool then and, as they say about iffy wines, they haven't travelled well.