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ray of sunshine

Someone or something that makes others feel happy and positive, often during a difficult time. My best friend was a real ray of sunshine when I was recovering from surgery.
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life isn't all sunshine and rainbows

Real life does not just consist of innocent, carefree happiness; there is more hardship or suffering in reality than one realizes. I know it's ugly having to see someone you cared about betray you like that, but life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Friends who aren't parents themselves will have a harder time realizing that life isn't all sunshine and rainbows when you have a new baby in the house.
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a ray of sunshine

1. If you describe someone as a ray of sunshine, you mean that they are always happy and pleasant. Neighbours described the 4-year-old girl as `a ray of sunshine — a cheerful little girl who brightened up all our lives'. Note: You often hear people say that someone is like a ray of sunshine. Kim is like a ray of sunshine, a wonderful and beautiful girl who has completely changed my life. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to describe a person who is always miserable and negative.
2. If you describe something as a ray of sunshine, you mean it brings happiness, often during a sad or hopeless time. Emily Jones's first birthday next week will be a ray of sunshine in the darkness of the coming days. Note: You often hear people say that something is like a ray of sunshine. The news was like a ray of sunshine in the winter's gloom. Note: You can also say that something brings a ray of sunshine to someone or something. The Oscars bring a ray of sunshine to our dark February days.
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ray of sunshine

someone or something that brings happiness into the lives of others.
1997 Trail Don't worry…let our Knowledge experts bring a ray of sunshine into your lives with their radiant personalities and shining answers.
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a ray of ˈsunshine

(informal) a person or thing that makes somebody’s life happier: She calls her granddaughter her ‘little ray of sunshine’.
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walk on sunshine

n. to be really happy. I’m in love and I’m walking on sunshine.
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Plucked from his oh-so-normal existence in the middle of a sunshiny Los Angeles day, drugged and spirited away to the seaside town of Avalon, he quickly discovers that every link to his former life has been summarily shut down--email, Facebook, cell phone, the works.
In its mischievous music video, they sing of little boys with fancy toys while pulling pranks in sunshiny LA.
Dreamy purple and sunshiny swirls juxtapose with the dark attire of the authorities as the visionary protagonist of this book proves his creative superiority to enforcers of the limits of the imagination.
As the first round of long weekends has come to an end, the timeline of my social media is filled with beach, pool and general sunshiny pictures.
April 6 brought a breath of fresh air to Florence on the heels of a beautiful sunshiny day, bringing with it Dawn Lesley, a dynamic young woman vying for election to the West Lane District county commissioner's job held by Jay Bozievich.
But if it is disconcerting to feel remote from the ordinary pleasures of the folks in the trenches, we cannot get back to human nature and making the world better and all the other sunshiny topoi of the public sphere just by pushing the rewind button.
The sunshiny Jimmy, redolent of Ajaccio Violets, salutes James Schuyler.
Reading between the lines, the outlook does not seem to be sunshiny for Chandra Wilson's Bailey.
Her exuberant accompanying expression, "Have a bright sunshiny yellow day!" was infectious.
The combination of lovely nutty flavoured chickpeas and aromatic sunshiny spices was well-balanced while the accompanying Basmati rice was light and fluffy.
He knew she was smiling because he could see her now, could see her and the sunshiny wrinkles on her face and the roaring waterfall and the rest of the world beyond the window glass.
4: 651-656), has a much more charitable view of the Mariani biography precisely because of its extensive treatment of the religious issues, although he does find Mariani a bit too "sunshiny." Whereas Ford prefers to focus on temperament, Downes chooses "the profound conundrums which are at the center of [Hopkins'] story" (p.
He believes grandmas are supposed to have sunshiny houses with rocking chairs and green-grass yards and porches, and they are supposed to bake cookies and have grandpas who live with them.
With flavors like hot-pink raspberry, sunshiny lemon and green mint-chocolate, you can literally taste the rainbow.
Accompanied with a breezy, Afro-pop groove and with his libido intact, the out-of-body Simon hits upon a would-be "homecomin' queen" with "sunshiny hair" with the clumsy pickup line, "By the way, how long you been dead?"