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ray of sunshine

Someone or something that makes others feel happy and positive, often during a difficult time. My best friend was a real ray of sunshine when I was recovering from surgery.
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life isn't all sunshine and rainbows

Real life does not just consist of innocent, carefree happiness; there is more hardship or suffering in reality than one realizes. I know it's ugly having to see someone you cared about betray you like that, but life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Friends who aren't parents themselves will have a harder time realizing that life isn't all sunshine and rainbows when you have a new baby in the house.
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a ray of sunshine

1. If you describe someone as a ray of sunshine, you mean that they are always happy and pleasant. Neighbours described the 4-year-old girl as `a ray of sunshine — a cheerful little girl who brightened up all our lives'. Note: You often hear people say that someone is like a ray of sunshine. Kim is like a ray of sunshine, a wonderful and beautiful girl who has completely changed my life. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to describe a person who is always miserable and negative.
2. If you describe something as a ray of sunshine, you mean it brings happiness, often during a sad or hopeless time. Emily Jones's first birthday next week will be a ray of sunshine in the darkness of the coming days. Note: You often hear people say that something is like a ray of sunshine. The news was like a ray of sunshine in the winter's gloom. Note: You can also say that something brings a ray of sunshine to someone or something. The Oscars bring a ray of sunshine to our dark February days.
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ray of sunshine

someone or something that brings happiness into the lives of others.
1997 Trail Don't worry…let our Knowledge experts bring a ray of sunshine into your lives with their radiant personalities and shining answers.
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a ray of ˈsunshine

(informal) a person or thing that makes somebody’s life happier: She calls her granddaughter her ‘little ray of sunshine’.
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walk on sunshine

n. to be really happy. I’m in love and I’m walking on sunshine.
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