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heart sinks

To feel disappointed or disheartened. My heart sank when I saw that the meal I'd spent all day preparing had burned in the oven.
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be ˈsunk in something

be in a state of unhappiness or deep thought: She just sat there, sunk in thought.
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New Orleans didn't always sit so much lower than the surrounding waters: The city has sunk 2.
The largest we sunk was about 30 tons, and that was a gray whale, and very challenging," recalls Smith, a professor of biological oceanography at the University of Hawaii.
Until recently, all the sunken whale carcasses were off the Pacific coast of North America, but a research crew in 2002 sank 12 stranded whales off the coast of Japan, and another team has sunk two in the past year in the Atlantic off the coast of Sweden.
We felt a ship from Belfast should not have sunk in that style.
It was the first time a submarine had sunk an enemy ship.
POLICE yesterday confirmed they are investigating claims the sister ship of the tragic Solway Harvester was deliberately sunk.
Melville, meeting Pollard late in life, is impressed, but fate isn't so kind - Pollard is drydocked after he wins a second command and that ship is sunk by a storm.
But Times managing editor Carr Van Anda deduced that the Titanic had sunk when two hours went by without telegraph messages from the ship.
HITLER'S SUNKEN SECRET features an exclusive NOVA salvage expedition that sets out to find the Hydro, a ferryboat that was sunk by three saboteurs in 1944 on Lake Tinn, Norway.
A SECOND crewman on the fishing boat Karianda last night claimed it was sunk deliberately after the loss of its sister ship Solway Harvester.
But yesterday a second Karianda crewman, Roy Aitken, came forward to say the scallop dredger had been deliberately sunk.
The boat will not be retrieved, having sunk 1,000 feet, Fisher said.
Famed undersea explorer Robert Ballard has topped his discovery of the Titanic by finding and photographing the USS Yorktown, a Navy aircraft carrier sunk 56 years ago in the World War II Battle of Midway.