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summon someone before someone or something

to request or order someone to appear before someone or a group. The president summoned the committee before her. The judge summoned Donna before the court.
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summon someone to someone or something

to order or request someone to come to someone or something. Uncle Fred summoned the waitress to him. He summoned her to our table.
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summon something up

to call forth particular qualities, such as strength, courage, wisdom, etc. She summoned her courage up and went into the room. Liz summoned up all her courage.
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pluck/screw/summon up (your/the) ˈcourage (to do something)

force yourself to be brave enough to do something: I had liked her for a long time, and eventually I plucked up the courage to ask her out.I finally screwed up my courage and went to the dentist.
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summon up

To call something forth; evoke something: I summoned up my courage and dove into the deep water. At first I couldn't remember the telephone number, but I summoned it up by concentrating very hard.
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References in classic literature ?
In the great kraal beyond the river there sits a regiment: it is summoned --and then--good-night
whom I have not the honor of knowing, I suppose that the nobility have been summoned not merely to express their sympathy and enthusiasm but also to consider the means by which we can assist our Fatherland
Kitty was the only one who did not hear it all--she was summoned to give Mitya his bath.
It might have been expected that when the play was done, both players and audience would have dispersed; but the epilogue was as bad as the play, for no sooner was the Devil dead, than the manager of the puppets and his partner were summoned by the single gentleman to his chamber, where they were regaled with strong waters from his private store, and where they held with him long conversations, the purport of which no human being could fathom.
The sensation which kindles in large assemblies, when they are relieved from a state of breathless suspense and are again free to speak and move, was yet rife, when the lodger, as usual, summoned the men up stairs.
The sources, requesting anonymity, said that the Russian Ambassador was summoned during Tuesday morning to hear that Paris was unhappy as the French ambassador to Russia was summoned over an alleged incident involving a French air force plane and a Russian passenger plane carrying an official delegation.
Shah has been summoned at the Delhi zonal office of the agency here this week, sources said.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court Monday ordered police to arrest an SDO and produce him before the court on June, 2 after he failed to appear before the court in a bail application despite being summoned.
RAWALPINDI -- Former President and Co-Chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari has been summoned to appear before the National Accountability Court (NAC) here on May 5.
Following the tense situation in Parliament, Wickremesinghe was summoned by Speaker Chamal Rajapakse, who is also a brother of the former leader, to parliament to discuss on what basis the summons had been issued.
Before that, lower house commission heads had summoned Dilawari on April 14 to brief legislators about the problems facing the banking sector, particularly the New Kabul Bank.
Khandan wrote: "A few minutes ago, we were shopping in the bazaar of the city of Dezful when the [provincial] Intelligence Ministry called and summoned Nasrin and our host in an illegal and impolite manner.
Johnson was further summoned for selling a glass of bitter beer not ordered or paid for by the customer, and James Joseph Handley, a barman was summoned for supplying the liquor to Allan Wilson, of Chaucer Street.
The Bahraini Criminal Investigation Department had summoned Saturday morning the Secretary General of al-Wefaq Association Sheikh Ali Salman to attend in the afternoon.
DUBAI - The Bahraini police on Saturday summoned the head of the main Shiite opposition faction for questioning, the group said, as tensions persist in the kingdom.