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summer and winter

To monitor one's behavior or abilities for a sufficiently long period of time. Oh yes, I will summer and winter him during this probationary period, to determine if we should hire him full-time.
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Indian summer

1. A period of unseasonably warm weather in early fall. I know it's September, but don't get out your winter clothes just yet—this area often has an Indian summer. I hate the cold weather, so I'm hoping for an Indian summer.
2. A particularly peaceful, successful, or enjoyable time as something nears its end. As her illness worsened, my grandmother still enjoyed painting, so I think she had an Indian summer before her death. I wonder if people sensed that they were in an Indian summer just before the Great Depression.
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one swallow doesn't make a summer

A single good outcome does not indicate an overall situation that is ideal or greatly improved. A lot of things went right for us this year, but one swallow doesn't make a summer—we still have a long ways to go before our finances are back in order.
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One swallow does not make a summer,

 and One swallow does not a summer make.
Prov. You should not assume that something is true just because you have seen one piece of evidence for it. Amanda: I got a good grade on this quiz! My troubles in school are over. Nancy: One swallow does not a summer make.
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Indian summer

A period of mild, sunny weather occurring in late autumn, usually following a seasonable cold spell. For example, We had two whole days of Indian summer this year, and then it turned cold again. [Late 1700s]
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an Indian summer

mainly BRITISH
An Indian summer is a period of great success late in someone's life or career, often after a period of not being successful. Despite an unexpected Indian Summer, they never really lived up to their initial promise. Note: An Indian summer is a period of unusually warm sunny weather during the autumn.
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one swallow doesn't make a summer

You say one swallow doesn't make a summer to mean that although something good has happened, the situation may not continue to be good, and you cannot rely on it. Sales in December were up about 1 percent, which of course, is good news. One swallow, however, doesn't make a summer and it remains to be seen whether they can maintain this growth in the difficult months ahead. Note: People often use the more literary phrase one swallow does not a summer make. One swallow does not a summer make, but a visit to the Hotel Metropole in Ipswich goes a long way to improving that city's reputation. Note: Swallows are a type of bird. The reference here is to the arrival of swallows in Europe at the beginning of summer, after spending the winter further south.
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Indian summer

1 a period of dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn. 2 a tranquil or productive period in someone's later years.
2 1930 Vita Sackville-West The Edwardians Meanwhile she was quite content that Sebastian should become tanned in the rays of Sylvia's Indian summer.
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one swallow doesn't make a summer

a single fortunate event does not mean that what follows will also be good. proverb
1998 Spectator One swallow doesn't make a summer…nor one instance of police dereliction of duty, incompetence, laziness and stupidity a complete breakdown in law and order.
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an ˌIndian ˈsummer

1 a period of unusually dry, warm weather in the autumn: We had a splendid Indian summer last October.
2 a period of success or happiness near the end of somebody’s life: He made his best movies in his seventies; it was for him a real Indian summer.
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one ˌswallow doesn’t make a ˈsummer

(saying) you must not take too seriously a small sign that something is happening or will happen in the future: ‘We got a big order from Sweden this morning. Things are getting better.’ ‘One swallow doesn’t make a summer, you know. Don’t be too optimistic.’
This expression refers to the fact that swallows (= small birds with a tail with two points) spend the winter in Africa but fly to northern countries for the summer.
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summer complaint

n. diarrhea, especially that experienced in the summer. I’ve got a touch of the summer complaint.
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