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All were young and pretty, and bathed in summer bloom; but not one had the nymph- like ease of his wife, when, with tense muscles and happy frown, she bent her soul upon some feat of strength.
Such fol-de-rol, her not coming for the summer; but I gave up arguing with young people about fifty years ago.
He knew that she had spent the previous summer at Newport, where she appeared to have gone a great deal into society, but that in the autumn she had suddenly sub-let the "perfect house" which Beaufort had been at such pains to find for her, and decided to establish herself in Washington.
`Maybe I'll go home and help you thresh next summer. Isn't that taffy nearly ready to eat?
Softly the warm winds kissed their cheeks; Brightly the sunbeams fell, As, one by one, they came again In their summer homes to dwell.
Violet peeped from the tall green ferns, And lifted her soft blue eye To watch the glittering form, that shone Afar in the summer sky.
And the home thou shared with the friendless worm The butterfly's home shall be; And thou shalt find, dear, faithful flower, A loving friend in me." Then, through the long, bright summer hours Through sunshine and through shower, Together in their happy home Dwelt butterfly and flower.
"Thanks to the BCYF Summer Grant, Boston Youth Wrestling's Coaches in Training Program has thrived the last few summers," said Bior Guigni, Program Director.
They devoted their summers to exploring (and exploiting) Canada's riches.
Save our summers! 'Tis the rallying cry heard round the nation as districts push school start dates into early August.
However, Northern Ontario Business has learned there are some questions surrounding this project and the proponent, Gordon Summers.
By Martin Summers (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2004.
Summers Only Music Education Degrees, Rochester, 6/27-8/5.
The NIEHS Summers of Discovery program was launched in 1989 as a way to give talented high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, as well as high school and college faculty, a more in-depth exposure to the world of scientific research.
Fugate, who told sheriff's deputies that she feared for her safety because her husband had threatened her life, was staying with friends Paul and Dianna Summers in Maryville, Tennessee.