sulk about

sulk about (someone or something)

To have a brooding, sullenly aloof, silently resentful attitude or demeanor because of someone or something. A: "What's wrong with Jim?" B: "Oh, he's still sulking about being passed over for the promotion." You can't spend your whole life sulking about your husband. It's time to move on!
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sulk about someone or something

 and sulk over someone or something
to pout or be sullen about someone or something. What are you sulking about now? There is no need to sulk over Mary.
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There is a lot you can find to sulk about. It's a choice you make." On Deepika Padukone playing Piku, Juhi said how the star was a natural.
We can either sulk about it - we didn't sulk last year - and we can't sulk this year.
But if Berbatov believes that the best way to tempt Sir Alex Ferguson to part with pounds 20million or more is to sulk about and cut down on his work rate, he is kidding himself.
Emre was not in the starting line-up as the Magpies tumbled out of the FA Cup at Chelsea on Wednesday night but, rather than sulk about his omission, the Turkish international has picked out the positives from a campaign which has fizzled out depressingly early.
They know me and they can deal with it or sulk about it but it's no time to be sulking."