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sulk about someone or something

 and sulk over someone or something
to pout or be sullen about someone or something. What are you sulking about now? There is no need to sulk over Mary.
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At least you'll know where you stand if she sulks at that.
Mitro begged and briefly mooched away in a very public sulk, before going on to score a brilliant second goal of his own.
A monkey given banana when his workmate was given grapes would sulk and refuse to go on working.
MR DINOS and Sulk gave Britain a one-two in the Prix Royal-Oak - the French St Leger - at Longchamp yesterday.
REGARDING Roger Skidmore's article 'The Incredible Sulk.
If anyone has a right to sulk it's former England striker James Beattie, shunted off Sky's Goals On Sunday programme at the last minute to make way for Mourinho.
Anyone who says they haven't had a bit of a sulk not being in the team is lying," he said.
BRITISH challengers Mr Dinos and Sulk must overcome a strong dual assault from the Andre Fabre stable if they are to win this afternoon's Prix Royal-Oak - the French St Leger - at Longchamp.
We don't hold on to our anger or sulk like my husband does.
NEIL EARDLEY refused to sulk after he was parachuted into Wales' Under-21 squad for the double-header against Luxembourg.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: Plant camellias in the wrong spot and they will sulk and show their displeasure with yellowing leaves and buds that drop before they develop.
British interest is provided by Sulk and the unbeaten Albanova, while Italian Oaks winner Guadalupe represents Germany.
Gavin (Matthew Horne) lifts a giggling Stacey (Joanna Page) over the threshold and everything in their world seems rosy until best pal Smithy (James Corden) turns up in a sulk because his friend has not been answering his phone, and he's been ringing him every day for three weeks.
finishing third to Islington and Sulk - who were also declared yesterday for the Yorkshire Oaks - in the