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An abbreviation for "not safe/suitable for work." It typically accompanies online posts, articles, or videos that might be considered racy or otherwise inappropriate in the workplace. Unless you want the boss to yell at you, don't click on that link that says "NSFW."

not safe for work

A phrase (often abbreviated as "NSFW") that typically accompanies online posts, articles, or videos that might be considered racy or otherwise inappropriate in the workplace.
See also: not, safe, work
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Surely the trading experts in government and the construction industry training board (for example) can thrash out such a suitably funded scheme for the future of our youngsters and also for our industries.
New Delhi [India], Jan 18 ( ANI ): Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday said that suggestions made by states and union territories would be suitably considered when formulating Budget 2018-19 proposals.
Just as y the chaps suitably ru and outdo woods, ho and basil.
Nick Grimshaw took it upon ick Grimshaw took it upon himself to throwa himself to throwa mini-party backstage and had mini-party backstage and had suitably cool guests Rita Ora, Suitably cool guests Rita Ora, Sam Smith, Alexa Chung, Florence lexa Chung, Florence Welch and S tella McCartney all tella McCartney all dancing along.
A dreamlike story in simple prose, accompanied by suitably soft watercolour pictures, provides a beautifully thought-provoking tale for readers of 5 or so.
There is a spinoff for the hit show 'How I Met Your Mother,' and it's suitably called 'How I Met Your Dad.
B" Well, I feel suitably violathanks to everyone in
Anyone is welcome to join the walk and no booking is needed but please be suitably clothed and shod
She never stops frolicking around the stage looking suitably mischievous and her voice is as captivating as her acting.
Muscat: A key seminar on cybercrimes concluded on Monday with participants adopting a set of recommendations calling for, among other things, judges to be suitably trained to hear criminal cases brought against cyber criminals.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani Friday said Pakistan will maintain a balance in conventional forces suitably backed by minimum credible deterrence to defend its territorial integrity.
Paul Bettany is suitably stoical and world-weary as the skilled warrior who turns his back on the church to join wasteland lawman (Cam Gigandet, from Twilight) and fellow rebel priestess (the super-cool Maggie Q, using her martial arts skills) to track deadly vampires led by the mysterious villain Black Hat (Karl Urban).
The real-time local broadcast service began during the week of 11 October 2010 in Tampa, and can be received on suitably equipped laptops, mobile phones and other portable devices.
Maria Swisher, as Todd's horrific head of catering, was suitably sassy as she commanded the stage in a succession of revealing corsetry, although her cockney accent was less Cat Slater and more Dick Van Dyke.
Summary: Liverpool's disappointing season ended in a suitably low-key fashion as they played out a goalless draw at relegated Hull.