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not safe for work

A phrase (often abbreviated as "NSFW") that typically accompanies online posts, articles, or videos that might be considered racy or otherwise inappropriate in the workplace.
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An abbreviation for "not safe/suitable for work." It typically accompanies online posts, articles, or videos that might be considered racy or otherwise inappropriate in the workplace. Unless you want the boss to yell at you, don't click on that link that says "NSFW."
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Using the NICE Actimize Sales Practice & Suitability solution's new flexible client review capabilities, firms can easily manage client risk across a household, while meeting business needs and suitability obligations.
Figure 1 depicts the granular suitability score map with mean scores by US ZIP code.
'Among the possible outputs of the survey are population forecasts, housing demand range, migration patterns, household size by housing type, social housing against social economic variables, and land suitability for different housing types,' she said.
All firms must keep in mind that client classification and suitability assessments, and all forms of investor protections, are and will continue to be very high DFSA priorities and will feature in the DFSA's future supervisory agenda.
The extended Figure 6 in the article by Faria et al (10) shows the 12-monthly suitability maps for ZIKV transmission of Bugoch et al (6) for the Americas.
To quantitatively assess habitat suitability, several indicators, including water availability, food, shelter conditions and disturbance, were selected to represent the habitat requirements of waterbirds.
The 2010 version of the NAIC's annuity suitability model requires insurers and annuity sellers to go through an extensive verification process to make sure that an annuity will be suitable for the consumer thinking of buying the annuity.
Habitat suitability models simulate where species are likely to occur based on existing species occurrence data and pertinent environmental factors.
Because aquatic and wetland plants also provide food for white-tailed deer, understanding how wetland vegetation types contribute to white-tailed deer habitat suitability is essential in understanding their potential impacts to waterbirds.
NEA and EO for Less also suggest reviewing the basics of suitability in order to prevent unforced errors.
Advisers and their supervising firms often operate under a suitability standard as required under applicable Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) rules.
The Defence Infrastructure Committee queried the suitability of a site near Mona airstrip.
The staff were asked questions in the survey form to assess the suitability of the facilities according to the sustainable design--both positive and negative.
1 DYLAN THOMAS' TAF ESTUARY: SIR JOHN, THE GULLED BIRDS AND THE ARGENTINIAN Tomorrow (9am-11am) Start/finish point: Launching platform, The Grist Car Park, Laugharne, SA33 4SS Ticket price: PS32 (PS30) Refreshments: Not included Age suitability: 12+ DYLAN settled in Laugharne in 1938-1940, and again in 1949 until his death.