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slang A businessperson. The phrase refers to the formal attire worn by many businesspeople and is typically used in a mildly derogatory way. Oh boy, what are the suits from the corporate office doing here today? I never thought I'd be a suit and work nine to five in an office, but I actually like my job.

Suit yourself.

Inf. You decide the way you want it.; Have it your way. Mary: I think I want the red one. Tom: Suit yourself. John (reading the menu): The steak sounds good, but it's hard to pass up the fried chicken. Sally: Suit yourself. I'll have the steak.
See also: suit

suit oneself

Do as one pleases, as in We had expected you, but if you don't want to come, suit yourself. This idiom, which uses suit in the sense of "be agreeable or convenient," is often put as an imperative. [Late 1800s]
See also: suit

ˌsuit yourˈself

1 do exactly what you like: I choose my assignments to suit myself.
2 usually used in orders to tell somebody to do what they want, even though it might annoy you: ‘I don’t want anything to eat, I’m on a diet.’ ‘All right, suit yourself!’
See also: suit


n. a businessman or businesswoman; someone who is in charge. A couple of suits checked into a working-class hotel and caused some eyebrows to raise.
References in classic literature ?
You make your resolutions to suit yourself and I'll make mine to suit myself," said Felix defiantly.
I am privileged, because I am known to be honorable and trustworthy, and because I have a distinguished record in the service; so they don't hobble me nor tie me to stakes or shut me tight in stables, but let me wander around to suit myself.
I can work the hours to suit myself so it fits in well with everything else that I do.
You've got to keep the standards up, although I do it to suit myself really," she said.
I've got an end plot here that was twice the size of everyone else and I'd built it up to suit myself, with a garage and what not, and a couple of big sheds in the back garden.
As for what I'll wear the rest of the time - I'll just suit myself.
At the moment I'm on it for three hours, five times a week, but I can do less or more to suit myself.
I'm allowed to bend the rules on this to entirely suit myself.
I think I suit myself quite well to that role because I can attack and get back and defend.
I'm basically just trying to shorten the year as much as I can for myself because I just can't find enough time in the day or time in the week at the moment "It's probably just more for myself going forward for 2012, that it might suit myself and, please God, Waterford.
Foolishly declining awet suit myself, I sprinted into the surf to prove my fatherly prowess but was soon wrapped in a beach towel hugging a cup of steaming hot tea as my sons laughed loudly.
I could have extended it for a third month, but that would have taken me past the transfer window and that didn't really suit myself or Tamworth.
It was a tight game at Birmingham but obviously if you take four points out of six and they are statistics to suit myself, then it is a decent return.