suit (someone or something) to (someone or something)

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suit (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To match, adapt, or tailor someone or something to someone or something. Often used in passive constructions. Our team of technicians are suited to any technical emergency that comes your way. We can't just suit the job to you because you don't like certain aspects of it—if you aren't happy here, you can find another place to work.
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suit someone or something to something

to match someone or something to something. I am sorry, but we don't suit the worker to the job. We find a job that suits the worker. Let's try to suit a new sports jacket to the slacks you have on.
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*suited for something

appropriate for something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Do you think I am suited for this kind of work? Those clothes are not suited for outdoor work.
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suit to

To make someone or something appropriate or suitable for something; adapt someone or something to something: We started with the basic recipe, and suited it to our own tastes. The camel is suited to its environment.
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References in classic literature ?
Therefore, I have taken the liberty of providing a pretty street suit for Rose.
He had a different suit for each hour of the day; and as of any other king or emperor, one is accustomed to say, "he is sitting in council," it was always said of him, "The Emperor is sitting in his wardrobe."
Adegbehingbe ruled that the suit is incompetent and disclosed that no reasonable cause of action and struck out the suit for refusal of the claimant's counsel to comply with the rules of Ondo State High Court.
'It is very important to understand what occasion you need to wear your suit for. Have you been invited to a wedding?
David said: "I was angry and told them I needed a suit for the next day.
Senszio points out that business executives tend to select blue and grey colored fabrics for their jackets and trousers, but advises that if men can afford it, to consider a beige suit for 2015 because the character of the colour exudes warmth and authenticity.
But I would always suggest that one should have a suit for each working day.
The clothing will then be handed out to the homeless, disadvantaged and the long-term unemployed who can't afford a suit for a job interview.
Moss, the branded suit specialist, has produced shorts suits which feature co-ordinating jackets and suits in light fabrics such as this, pictured, lightweight fine tooth check suit for pounds 499.
Last year the firm designed a sport suit for Town which has been the players for formal occasions ever since.
Conceived at a Thrive (corporate social responsibility) forum last summer, the suit amnesty aims to collect hundreds of unwanted suits from local businesses and individuals and hand them on to local charities, where they will be given to people looking for a new start but who are unable to afford a new suit for that all-important job interview which could change their life.
Tesco also sells suits that you can pick up for around pounds 40 and Marks & Spencer have moved into the bargain menswear sector with a suit for less than pounds 50.
But in these days of dressing down, many city gents are ditching the suit for more casual attire.
When he pulled out his Giorgio Armani suit for a special occasion, he was dismayed to find a moth hole on the pant leg.