sue for (something)

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sue for (something)

To initiate legal proceedings (against some person, group, or organization) in order to receive redress, reparation, or compensation. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sue" and "for" to indicated the person, group, or organization being sued. The employees have grouped together to sue for overtime that had not been paid since 2010. The family is suing the airline for $2.5 million to cover medical expenses, legal fees, and emotional damages.
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sue someone for something

to file a lawsuit against someone in order to get something. I will sue you for damages if you do anything else to my car! She sued her employer for failure to provide a safe workplace.
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sue for something

to file a lawsuit in order to get something. If you so much as harm a hair on my head, I will sue for damages. Ted sued for back pay in his dispute with a former employer.
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sue for

1. To institute legal proceedings against some person for some redress of grievances: The actor is suing a former TV star for $30 million. Their aunt and uncle sued for custody of the children.
2. To make an appeal or entreaty for something: The people of this country are suing for peace.
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Also, some plaintiffs who have already received an asbestos settlement wind up also suing for silicosis, Behrens said.
Specifically, the aspect of ERISA that relates to liability preempts state law, thereby prohibiting a member of an ERISA protected employer-sponsored health benefit plan from suing for damages.
A New York broker who was prevented from suing for a commission in New Jersey can sue in New York an Appellate Division court ruled last month.