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suggestive of (something)

1. Evocative or reminiscent of something. The artist's songs are suggestive of European folk music. These ruins are suggestive of a highly organized society living within the cliffsides themselves.
2. Implying, expressing, or making evident something in an indirect or unclear manner. The figures are suggestive of an economy that has not yet become totally stable. The protests and demonstrations are suggestive of a nascent but strong-willed rebellion.
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*suggestive of something

reminiscent of something; suggesting something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Bill's homemade soup is suggestive of his mother's. The new movie was suggestive of an old one I had seen on TV.
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According to ( Mail Online UK , Jamie Lynn Spears is now being called a bad parent for allowing her daughter to listen to Iggy's rap music containing suggestive and mature lyrics, she even went ahead and posted the video of her baby dancing suggestively to the song.
* Pippa Middleton: Gorgeous, statuesque bridesmaid who had rugby star Jamie Roberts tweeting suggestively "just saying".
There are a few instances of profanity, as well as a scene in which Aidan suggestively licks Violet's wounds clean, that may give some parents pause, but this book's potential popularity means that it belongs in just about all public libraries.
As he suggestively unfastened the button of his overalls, Old Seth fell over a bucket in surprise.
One lady went away giggling after he turned on the charm, patting his knee suggestively, while posing for a photograph.
The firm's MAOAM line features a lemon being suggestively squeezed by a lime and two cherries being licked.
During their dance, Jackie, deeply attracted to Brando, 'pressed her thighs' suggestively into his.
While a Chinese translator was taking questions from the press, O'Sullivan looked bored and then brandished a hand-held microphone suggestively. He then made a further sexual reference and began laughing.
Activating fears of miscegenation within the white Southern electorate, the ad featured a blond woman suggestively uttering, "Call me." Even Ford's opponent denounced the ad and asked the RNC to stop running it.
by an Australian imam who said women dressing suggestively tempt men to
Such a class act deserved a high-class celebration, of course--and the suggestively named company that cooked up a culinary reputation of fried poultry parts and exploited female anatomy didn't disappoint.
No date or location is noted for the symposium, but a suggestively high percentage of contributors are from Singapore.
Ironically, as the differential between her sculpture and her self-portraits suggests, the process of ascribing a masculine or feminine character to suggestively arranged food is not so far removed from the way patriarchal templates tacitly order everyday life.
Yet confluences are not causalities, and at times, or so it seems to me, the parade of events are suggestively relational.
Her act hasn't changed much, with Peaches singing along to backing tapes, playing some guitar and dancing suggestively. But she's enthusiastic and knows how to put on a good show in this case by whipping herself with a cane, asking the crowd to throw her food and duetting with a video-projected Iggy Pop on Kick It.