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suggestive of (something)

1. Evocative or reminiscent of something. The artist's songs are suggestive of European folk music. These ruins are suggestive of a highly organized society living within the cliffsides themselves.
2. Implying, expressing, or making evident something in an indirect or unclear manner. The figures are suggestive of an economy that has not yet become totally stable. The protests and demonstrations are suggestive of a nascent but strong-willed rebellion.
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*suggestive of something

reminiscent of something; suggesting something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Bill's homemade soup is suggestive of his mother's. The new movie was suggestive of an old one I had seen on TV.
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References in classic literature ?
It is suggestive that during the last three years there have been four considerable burglaries in the west country, for none of which was any criminal ever arrested.
It is suggestive that Anthony is not a common name in England, while Antonio is so in all Spanish or Spanish-American countries.
I was so slow to find anything that he had plenty of time, after a minute, to continue with his suggestive but inconclusive smile: "You know, my dear, that for a fellow to be with a lady ALWAYS--
The facial part projected, forming something dimly suggestive of a muzzle, and the huge half-open mouth showed as big white teeth as I had ever seen in a human mouth.
Broken crockery and oyster- shells are suggestive of restaurants--but then they could have had no such places away up there on that mountain side in our time, because nobody has lived up there.
The telephone attendants at London clubs are masters of suggestive brevity.
The point about the signature is very suggestive --in fact, we may call it conclusive.
Then the fact that the two men were never together, but that the one always appeared when the other was away, was suggestive.
Monsieur Poirot, I am sure you agree with me that the facts are very suggestive.
Tumbling about in one part of the desk among bills, passports, and business documents of various kinds were several of Jo's letters, and in another compartment were three notes from Amy, carefully tied up with one of her blue ribbons and sweetly suggestive of the little dead roses put away inside.
In a minute Amy went back to her place, and while she dried her tears, Laurie gathered up the scattered papers, finding in the sight of sundry well-worn letters and suggestive sketches good omens for the future.
These comments were both irrelevant to the showup procedure and unduly suggestive of defendant's identity as the alleged perpetrator, Yacknin said.
Although most teenagers who send sexually suggestive content are sending it to boyfriends and girlfriends, others say they are sending such material to those they want to hook up with or even to someone they only know online.
The original version of the scale was composed by 11 items investigating only receiving, sending or posting provocative or suggestive text messages and pictures (not considering videos).
Often, trademarks fall within one of the below categories, fanciful and arbitrary marks being the strongest, suggestive trademarks falling somewhere in the middle, descriptive trademarks being weaker but sometimes protectable, and generic trademarks being unprotectable under the trademark law.