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suggestive of (something)

1. Evocative or reminiscent of something. The artist's songs are suggestive of European folk music. These ruins are suggestive of a highly organized society living within the cliffsides themselves.
2. Implying, expressing, or making evident something in an indirect or unclear manner. The figures are suggestive of an economy that has not yet become totally stable. The protests and demonstrations are suggestive of a nascent but strong-willed rebellion.
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*suggestive of something

reminiscent of something; suggesting something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Bill's homemade soup is suggestive of his mother's. The new movie was suggestive of an old one I had seen on TV.
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* Teens admit that sending or posting sexually suggestive content has an impact on their behavior.
It said: "Although sexually suggestive, and clearly inappropriate, given the teacher-pupil relationship, the panel considered the messages to have been of a flirtatious and playful nature, rather than there having been any serious sexual intention on either part."
In these circumstances, for an in-court showup to be admissible, it would need to be justified by some other 'good reason' for permitting a suggestive identification procedure, which usually would require a showing that the in-court identification is more reliable than the witness's earlier failure to make a positive identification and that it poses little risk of misidentification despite its suggestiveness.
H2 = The brand extension with suggestive name is better assessed than the brand extension with arbitrary name when the perceived similarity of the MM and ME service is high (high vs.
Generally, suggestive sentences employ quite different language constructs from typical opinion sentences.
The topic of discussion this month is suggestive selling, with the goal of increasing basket size.
A diagnosis of RHD was made by echo-doppler if one or more of the following were present: a) Mitral stenosis; b) Mitral regurgitation (MR) and / or aortic regurgitation (AR) with regurgitation jet length of more than 2 cm in at least two echo planes, along with abnormal valve morphology (a bicuspid aortic valve to be excluded in cases with AR); c) MR and / or AR with regurgitant jet length of 1 -2 cm, and abnormal valve morphology, in the presence of a history suggestive of rheumatic fever.
The devout catholic (right) claims never to have had a sexual partner and doesn't want to perform any suggestive moves during the tango tonight.
But the truth of the matter is oftentimes, people don't really know what they want and may need some assistance when making a purchase decision.Having a sales clerk ask someone to try new products is called suggestive selling.
He sent me some fairly suggestive photos of himself and encouraged me to do the same.
A RAUNCHY pub marketing campaign aimed at students, which features "spank bats" with suggestive comments, has incurred the wrath of Walsall Council trading standards officers.
Starting treatment for multiple sclerosis when the first suggestive neurologic event occurred led to better outcomes in disease progression and long-term cognitive function, compared with patients whose initial treatment was deferred, based on findings from 5-year follow-up of randomized treatment in 358 patients.