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suggest itself to someone

[for an idea] to seem to present itself to someone. A new scheme suggested itself to Alice as she looked at the records of the last attempt. As you read this, does anything suggest itself to you?
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suggest something to someone

to make a suggestion of something to someone. The waiter suggested the roast beef to all his customers. What did you suggest to the people at the other table? They look quite pleased with their meal.
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Suggesters were seen to function on both intra- and extratextual levels.
Suggesters are similar to Seekers, but perform a more social and dialogic function in driving the narrative forward, in contrast to seekers who tend to present information but don't necessarily initiate a dialogue with others.
Irrespective of whether a factual dispute exists as to whether the employer has adopted an idea, so long as the decision-making body determines that the idea was not adopted and that compensation is not due, those decisions are final and binding upon the suggester.
To address this key issue of fostering improved interaction with suggesters the steering committee created the concept of "committed contacts.
They interact daily with suggesters and are empowered with substantial decision-making authority.
Seth Siegler, Showing Suite's Chief Technology Officer and the original developer of Neighborhood Suggester, sees the HD IDX platform as a trial blazer in terms of setting the standard for agent search tools.
Uniqueness inherent upon suggesters does hardly indicate a point of uniqueness in the suggested.
Rasa, Bhava, its semblance and the suggesters previously involved viz.
It also allows supervisors to nominate a person for recognition as the top suggesters of the year in both Soldier and DA civilian categories.
Also popular with name suggesters was anything with the word ``desert'' in it - including Desert Blossom School, Desert Breezes School, Desert Palms School, Desert Springs School, Desert Valley School, High Desert School, Golden Desert School and Desert Sand School.
Tim Kime, David Voorhees, and Andy Martino were named the 2007 Department of the Army Civilian and Military Suggesters of the Year--a first for Tobyhanna Army Depot.