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suggest itself to someone

[for an idea] to seem to present itself to someone. A new scheme suggested itself to Alice as she looked at the records of the last attempt. As you read this, does anything suggest itself to you?
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suggest something to someone

to make a suggestion of something to someone. The waiter suggested the roast beef to all his customers. What did you suggest to the people at the other table? They look quite pleased with their meal.
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References in classic literature ?
The two Sirens doubtless were, as their name suggests, the whistling gusts, or avalanches of air that at times descend without a moment's warning from the two lofty mountains of Salinas--as also from all high points in the neighbourhood.
The simile suggests the hand of the wife or daughter of a magistrate who had often seen her father come in cross and tired.
146} I correct these proofs abroad and am not within reach of Hesiod, but surely this passage suggests acquaintance with the Works and Ways, though it by no means compels it.
Even more to the point, to suggest the slippery relationship between the Convent's signifier and signified, at no point has it served the function sugg ested by its name.
However, they suggest that these variables might not necessarily be the same ones utilized by consumers in arriving at their opinions of service satisfaction.
These last two cases suggest creative developments that may prove helpful in an increasingly technology-based market environment.
The information reviewed at this meeting suggests that growth of economic activity remains brisk.
A study by University of Toronto epidemiologist Gail McKeown-Eyssen and her colleagues suggests that the condition may actually have a genetic basis.
But the row of listless figures in the small watercolors on the wall next to it suggest the contrary.
The rest of us are left with this utterly flawed and protracted docudrama starring a woefully miscast William Hurt, whose persistent simpering as Hanssen suggests he could barely string together a pair of compellingly rendered sentences, let alone befog American intelligence for more than two decades.
24) One daughter pours drink at the left; the jug and pitcher in the foreground center suggest a connection between drink and lechery; and the other daughter, seductively dressed in a deep decollete, embraces Lot, who responds with lude caresses, his excitement revealed by the swelling cod piece visible under his opened coat.
Moreover, Baldwin's career strongly suggests the influence of feminism on his gay aesthetic, the insights of which he subsequently recontextualized in the struggle for black liberation.
From a different perspective, it was noted that commodity prices remained high and did not suggest a slowdown in economic activity.
If they find that the disk is circular and the dust evenly spread out, this would suggest a long, slow grinding of asteroids against each other.
Findings from the study suggest that reasoning and coalition were the most often used upward influence tactics and that followers use assertiveness and higher authority more often when leaders exhibit low structure initiation and individualized consideration behaviors.