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suggest itself to (one)

Of an idea, to come into one's mind seemingly out of nowhere. A plan to take over the company suggested itself to Samantha. An exciting new idea suggested itself to me while I was listening to the speaker give his presentation.
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suggest for (someone or something)

1. To recommend something for a particular task. A noun or pronoun is used between "suggest" and "for." I always suggest white vinegar for getting rid of bad odors in your washing machine. Someone suggested peppermint and eucalyptus oils for getting rid of spiders in our house.
2. To recommend something to help someone or something. A noun or pronoun is used between "suggest" and "for." The pharmacist suggested this cough syrup for my daughter. My mother suggested honey and lemon for my sore throat. I would suggest a complete factory reset for your device. It's the only way to wipe out the virus completely.
3. To recommend or nominate someone for a particular role or position or as a recipient of some award. A noun or pronoun is used between "suggest" and "for." I've suggested you for the new managerial position, so expect a call from our head office any day now for an interview. I can confidently suggest Janet for the role. I had no ideas my coworkers had suggested me for the award.
4. To suggest that someone ought to enter into a romantic relationship with someone else. A noun or pronoun is used between "suggest" and "for." She suggested her brother for me, but the two of us just didn't have any chemistry. I've stopped suggesting people for my friends, because it ends up being really awkward for everyone if it doesn't work out between them.
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suggest (something) to (one)

1. To present some evidence of something to one; to imply, express, or make evident something indirectly to one. Often constructed as "suggest to one something." His hesitation suggested a lack of commitment to Sarah. The whole situation suggests to me a breakdown of communication.
2. To propose something to one; to offer something for one's consideration. I suggested a different approach to my boss that might yield better results. The professor suggested a few places where the students could find resources for their projects.
3. To make a recommendation of something to one. She suggested the steak to me, but I really had a hankering for chicken. I suggest this book to all of my clients.
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suggest itself to someone

[for an idea] to seem to present itself to someone. A new scheme suggested itself to Alice as she looked at the records of the last attempt. As you read this, does anything suggest itself to you?
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suggest something to someone

to make a suggestion of something to someone. The waiter suggested the roast beef to all his customers. What did you suggest to the people at the other table? They look quite pleased with their meal.
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References in classic literature ?
62} The fact of Alcinous knowing anything about the Cyclopes suggests that in the writer's mind Scheria and the country of the Cyclopes were not very far from one another.
The whirlwinds of fire and the smoke that hangs on Scylla suggests allusion to Stromboli and perhaps even Etna.
The two Sirens doubtless were, as their name suggests, the whistling gusts, or avalanches of air that at times descend without a moment's warning from the two lofty mountains of Salinas--as also from all high points in the neighbourhood.
The simile suggests the hand of the wife or daughter of a magistrate who had often seen her father come in cross and tired.
146} I correct these proofs abroad and am not within reach of Hesiod, but surely this passage suggests acquaintance with the Works and Ways, though it by no means compels it.
There is, of course, nothing new in the film's use of black images to suggest the normalcy of the white character or presenting the black character as a spectacle for white viewers both within the film and in the audience.
24) One daughter pours drink at the left; the jug and pitcher in the foreground center suggest a connection between drink and lechery; and the other daughter, seductively dressed in a deep decollete, embraces Lot, who responds with lude caresses, his excitement revealed by the swelling cod piece visible under his opened coat.
From a different perspective, it was noted that commodity prices remained high and did not suggest a slowdown in economic activity.
DNA differences among the modern bats, along with estimates of long-term rates of genetic mutation, suggest that the common ancestor of modem bats probably lived about 64 million years ago, a period just after the hypothesized asteroid or comet impact on Earth that wiped out the dinosaurs and triggered rapid mammalian evolution.
If they find that the disk is circular and the dust evenly spread out, this would suggest a long, slow grinding of asteroids against each other.
Findings from the study suggest that reasoning and coalition were the most often used upward influence tactics and that followers use assertiveness and higher authority more often when leaders exhibit low structure initiation and individualized consideration behaviors.
Although sexual strategies theories assert that women primarily seek mates who can provide them with economic resources that will help them achieve reproductive success, our findings suggest that women in this context are economically independent and are motivated by a desire for emotional rather than material resources.
The data suggest that health expectations are consistent with the health determinants identified by the participants.
One piece in baby blue-painted wood, for example, suggests a deckchair frame or clotheshorse but stops short of literal portrayal and remains stylistically consistent with its neighbors.
6) The preamble suggests that Treasury and the IRS believe that under the existing penalty provisions, a taxpayer cannot claim good faith and reasonable cause based on advice containing such a disclosure.