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suffix (something) onto (something else)

To add an affix onto the end of an existing word or stem in order to create a new word or an inflectional ending. The most common way to form the past tense is by suffixing "-ed" onto a verb. You can make certain nouns feminine by suffixing "-ette" onto the end of them.
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suffix something onto something

to add an inflection or other part of a word onto another word. The students were told to suffix the correct plural marker onto all the nouns in the list. What do you get when you suffix -ed onto a verb like talk?
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The result demonstrates that one-fourth of the productions, that is 16 out of 64 incorrect stress placements, of the roots of the suffix, cial or tial were wrong.
Systematic formation of adverbs is, in Slovak, carried out by means of attaching the suffix '-o'.
The controlled variables (shown in Table 3) were neighborhood density (0-5), number of letters (6-11), family size of stems (5-12), suffix letter length (2-5) and frequency of the initial bigram.
suffix -liq allomorphs -liy; -liq; -luy; -lug; They unite suffix and vowel and consonant changes in harmony with the root word vowel.
they had to remove the suffix from the word given, as in:
d) the -m(V) nominal suffix that has also become obscured, unproductive and rare.
Level ordering, as pointed out above, has concentrated on suffix combination.
This array indicates for each suffix of w, the length of its longest prefix occurring in s.
For Khorasan Ulrich Seeger (2002: 635) does not give complete paradigms, but he shows the -n suffixed to the AP stem for MSG, and to the FSG suffix for the feminine singular.
Previous studies that compared various experimental results and simulation results [11]-[16], have demonstrated that the skip-based algorithms with multi-byte suffix matching performas well.
Two Chinese online companies, Sina (Nasdaq: SINA) and Tencent Holdings (PINK: TCHCY) will battle for the Chinese suffix for Weibo, a Chinese-language blog that resembles Twitter.
ICANN has received at least $350 million in applications fees, which will pay for the organisation's costs setting up the system, reviewing applications and making sure parties do what they have promised once the suffix is operational.
The suffix -dom forms denominal and deadjectival abstract nouns with the meaning 'state, condition, fact of being, action of.
Bulgaria still has opportunities available to register its desired suffix, according to the country's newly appointed Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, Valeri Borisov.
Two conservationist groups already want the suffix ".