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suffix (something) onto (something else)

To add an affix onto the end of an existing word or stem in order to create a new word or an inflectional ending. The most common way to form the past tense is by suffixing "-ed" onto a verb. You can make certain nouns feminine by suffixing "-ette" onto the end of them.
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suffix something onto something

to add an inflection or other part of a word onto another word. The students were told to suffix the correct plural marker onto all the nouns in the list. What do you get when you suffix -ed onto a verb like talk?
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In the Eskimoan language Yup'ik, some derivational nominalizers have evolved into inflectional mood suffixes, and in Cherokee of the Iroquoian language family, an earlier derivational instrumental suffix, whose ultimate source can be traced to a verb root meaning 'use', evolved into an inflectional infinitive marker (Mithun 2000: 252).
Thus, whereas n!ao 'house' is not number-sensitive, in combinations with -ma as its head it is--hence n!ao-ma 'small house' has an obligatory plural form n!ao-mhe, that is, whenever ma is a derivational suffix there is an obligatory number distinction.
This is a study of Russian nominalizing evaluative suffixes, such as--an,--jash,--jon,--ul,--un,--ur,--us,--ush,--ag,--jak,--al,--jar,--akh,--il,--in,--ob,--ot,--okh,--jug,--uk, and--ukh.
syn--ul--ja son.NOM.SG son--EVAL--NOM.SG (ANIM; MASC; CLASS (ANIM; MASC; CLASS I) II) son' 'son (affect)' The data above prompt the following questions: (i) How can we account for a change in syntactic category and category features of the base (animacy, declension class and gender) when the evaluative suffixes attach?
(11) In the OED, -HEAD and -HOOD are listed as two different suffixes, although there seems to be some controversy because, as explained, ultimately -HEAD comes from the same Germanic base as the suffix -HOOD, although the details are not clear.
(20) The formation of martyr + the suffix -REDE(N) is not attested either in the MED or the OED, nor is it found in Bosworth-Toller's Anglo-Saxon Dictionary.
It follows therefore that the second element of a verb compound in Igbo is a verb if the two features (diacritic and syntactic) mentioned in (ii) and (iii) above percolate on the second element but if not, the second element is a suffix. In other words, if the second element of a verb compound SHARES the mentioned features in (i) and (ii) with the [V.sub.1], then it is a verb but if it does not share these features with [V.sub.1] then it is suffix.
(1) procedure AllPairsSuffixPrefix(G) (2) for every read R in the input reads G do (3) for every candidate suffix Su in R do (4) findAllPairs(Su, ...) (5) end for (6) end for (7) end procedure The code is simple.
The most significant observation of this research study demonstrated that suffixes ese and ade have the least effect on participants' stress placements, because maximum of the primary stress maintained on first syllable in their suffixed words along with their root words, but do not shift to last syllable.
In the case of AP, we count the number of words sharing a derivative suffix (which is identical to the count of FS for stems), but we count the BF as the frequency of the lemma.
The historical development of the suffix in Historical Grammar of Kazakh Language (Tomanov, 1981) gives the extension of meaning of -liy; -liq; -li derivational adjectives in some modern Turkic languages (in comparison with the Old Turkic language): the suffixes determine the meaning of belonging to a nation or place.
In some forms, the initial inserted vowel harmonizes with /?/ in the reduplicant suffix (form (f) above).
The distinctive domain suffixes are an attractive factor for companies interested in the myriad of local and international commercial opportunities, events and exhibitions hosted annually by the Emirate.